Translation of joint account in Spanish:

joint account

cuenta conjunta, n.


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    cuenta conjunta feminine
    • In doing so, he would treat the money standing to the credit of the joint account as funds available for his own purposes.
    • Other types of non-probate assets include payable-on-death accounts, joint accounts held with rights of survivorship, life insurance and annuities.
    • For example, the Swiss bank account was a joint account with his father.
    • Setting up a joint account for household bills but keeping your individual bank accounts could be a happy compromise.
    • She held three personal accounts and the couple had a number of joint accounts.
    • Since we have a joint account, she could withdraw larger amounts inside the bank.
    • We contribute a part of our monthly saving towards maintaining a joint account in the bank.
    • On the death of her father, Mrs. McKenzie received $42, 658.46 and deposited the funds into the joint account of the couple.
    • When the husband left home, the couple continued to use a joint account.
    • I have a direct debit from my Barclays sole account to our NatWest joint account.
    • Then decide whether you want to open a joint account so that your monthly expenses are paid by direct debit.
    • My wife and I have joint accounts at the bank and building society where either of us can sign cheques and make withdrawals.
    • In the co-owned example, less tax is saved but a joint account requiring both signatures for withdrawal provides a little more security.
    • Individuals, couples, families and small communities can avail personal accounts and joint accounts.
    • A joint account cannot be used to fund any SSIA by an unmarried cohabiting couple.
    • The liquidator was entitled to claim the funds in the joint account on behalf of MG's creditors.
    • Participants were allowed to contribute all or part of their monetary resources to either the personal account or to the joint account.
    • I never looked at the joint account bank statements (as opposed to my husband), not even to check the balances.
    • My husband Paul and I set up a joint account with AIB in the early 1970s and lodged savings into it.
    • The joint account was kept in funds by payments from her investments, and it was used solely for her needs.