Translation of jot in Spanish:


Pronunciation /dʒɑt/ /dʒɒt/


  • 1

    he hasn't a jot of sense no tiene ni pizca / ni un ápice de sentido común
    • it makes not a / one jot of difference da exactamente igual
    • it hasn't been altered by a single jot or tittle no se ha cambiado ni un ápice
    • Even the scientists who advocate for that protocol recognise that it will not make one jot of difference, even if it is fully implemented.
    • I have said that the circumstances do not deserve one jot of sympathy.
    • We have not heard one jot of policy from the National Party today - not one jot.
    • There is not one jot of evidence that such an experience actually occurred in the infancy of one of Freud's patients.
    • It makes not one jot of difference that no actual blood is visible on their hands.
    • On the other hand, I don't care a jot for any of that.
    • They don't even care a jot whether you like the result.
    • But I suspect Ferguson doesn't care a jot about the opinion of his colleagues.
    • It is a mystery, but a delightful one, even if you care not a jot for genealogy.
    • They were so helpless and vulnerable, yet didn't seem to care a jot, wanting only to play and charge around.
    • The truth is, it doesn't matter, not a jot, not a tittle.
    • She smiled uneasily at her friend who looked very much as though she cared not a jot for her record.
    • With the greatest of respect to the Ireland captain, he would not have made a jot of difference against such physical and technical ability.
    • Now this surprised me not a jot because, like most non-social workers, I am a firm believer that kids who are allowed to do as they please grow up to be monsters.
    • I'm finally ready for Christmas, and there's not a jot of snow to be found.
    • No, I won't give away a jot of the plot here; the movie does that nicely enough.
    • And the fact that Lesley is a woman did not matter one jot.
    • It's not bad but neither is it brilliant - which won't bother 99 per cent of buyers one jot as they are in it for the image.
    • The Arts Council grant freeze doesn't surprise me one jot.
    • The saddest aspect is that it probably won't matter a jot.