Translation of journey in Spanish:


viaje, n.

Pronunciation /ˈdʒərni/ /ˈdʒəːni/

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nounplural journeys

  • 1

    viaje masculine
    an air/a rail journey un viaje en avión/tren
    • it's a three-hour journey by car en coche se tardan tres horas
    • a 20-mile journey un viaje / trayecto de 20 millas
    • a journey of 20 miles un viaje / trayecto de 20 millas
    • the outward journey el viaje de ida
    • the return journey el viaje de vuelta / de regreso
    • to go on / make a journey hacer un viaje
    • they set off on a journey around the world se fueron a dar la vuelta al mundo
    • we'll eat on the journey comeremos por el camino
    • I pass it on my journey to work paso por allí de camino al trabajo
    • we usually break our journey in York when going to Edinburgh normalmente paramos en York de camino a Edimburgo
    • our journey's end is San Francisco nuestro destino es San Francisco
    • The trip is marked down as a return journey, but it is not known when he went back to the capital.
    • He was halfway through on his return journey when a light flicked on in the passageway.
    • I bought a paper on the return journey last night and had a go at the crossword.
    • I would finish each day dripping with sweat, the return journey was nearly all up hill.
    • We follow the mysterious journey of a man who walks into a town that rejects him.
    • Of course not all train journeys are mere holiday excursions laid on for the benefit of time-rich tourists.
    • Jumbo jets that fly passengers on long haul journeys across the world will not be coming to Southampton Airport.
    • To add insult to injury, many journeys could be walked in 20 minutes or less.
    • Several travelled long journeys to pay their respects and sympathize with the family.
    • This is not a problem on short journeys but on a long haul it can literally become a pain in the neck.
    • The first part of my trip was the train journey from Edinburgh to London with a stinking cold.
    • It was also said that one leg of a planned flight involved a journey from Manchester.
    • It may be a long journey, but a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.
    • I had to get off the bus halfway through my journey, find another bus and return home to check.
    • Often his journeys involve long treks through remote regions, giving him time to look and think.
    • Travelling to and from work also frequently involves long journeys in a fixed position.
    • Passengers were warned to leave extra time for their journeys but some people missed their flights.
    • I went on two train journeys, the first to go and visit my mother, and the second to return to London again.
    • It means rail passengers will no longer have to transfer to buses for journeys around Stockport.
    • The journey begins and ends in London, and has stops in 30 cities along the way.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    • He traveled the world, and everywhere he journeyed, he offered help and kindness.
    • These carriages journeyed on railways throughout the country and traveled to the most remote villages.
    • But he has other reasons for journeying to a part of the world which he ‘loves everything about.’
    • By journeying to Baghdad, Mr. Bush signaled that such a commitment exists.
    • Then they would be journeying to Iran, Turkey and then Greece.
    • It must have been heart-breaking for them leaving homes and families and journeying to this strange land.
    • We will have to spend a few hours journeying down in a bus, which is bound to take its toll.
    • Family relations and friends journeyed to England for the ceremonies.
    • Family members, together with some friends, journeyed to England for the funeral ceremonies.
    • She journeyed home on a regular basis over the years, always liking to keep in touch with her native village and district.
    • A number of people from Castlerea journeyed to Manchester for the funeral.
    • Advance bookings exceeded all expectations and well over 1,000 anglers journeyed to the resort to compete.
    • It's been 33 years since humans have set foot on the moon or journeyed beyond the close orbit of the Earth.
    • They journeyed back to Bombay for their wedding and later settled in Bridgewater, NJ.
    • They journeyed to and from Dublin Airport and were blessed with excellent weather on their vacation.
    • In the middle of July gone by, she journeyed to America to meet friends and enjoy a vacation and had a marvellous time.
    • People journeyed from various parts of the country to pay their respects.
    • A number of the family have journeyed from England while Nora and her husband are over from Chicago.
    • Last week we journeyed to Bridlington and Scarborough to reminisce about bygone summer holidays.
    • Karen contacted her landlord who immediately journeyed from Blackpool.