Translation of journo in Spanish:


plumilla, n.

Pronunciation /ˈdʒərnoʊ/ /ˈdʒəːnəʊ/

nounplural journoes

  • 1

    plumilla feminine Spain informal
    gacetillero masculine informal
    gacetillera feminine informal
    • Bruce is also a tennis journo with The Herald-Sun newspaper in Melbourne.
    • We had a newsroom of 8 journos, three camos and two full time editors.
    • Thanks for keeping a cool journo's head and reporting on these catastrophic events.
    • Part of the public outcry about journos is the perception that journos spindoctor their stories.
    • They want to restrict the disclaimers to those journos and commentators who have affiliations with centre right politics.
    • The publications these journos work for usually accept fund advertising, after all.
    • During his law school days, Turnbull also worked as a journo for The Bulletin.
    • The policy spending over the past year has been economically diabolical but is just commented on but never challenged by the journos.
    • The speech at Melbourne Uni was handed out to journos beforehand.
    • A few of us journos debated the trade at a public forum last night.
    • Apparently, many journos disliked his doing an exclusive deal with a paper and refusing to talk to them at the World Cup.
    • At yesterday's staff meeting journos were asking him about ‘his vision thing’.
    • This place is crawling with journos, all looking for the same thing: A way in.
    • We journos reckon the scones and jam deserved a prize medal.
    • Even a couple of journos are using the term lately.
    • I cannot recall a time when journos were held in such contempt.
    • In terms of setting your stall out early with scant regard for the inevitable backlash reaction from the irate journos, it's unmatchable.
    • She's just using the journos to get her name mentioned.
    • It would be hard to name more than a handful of journos who could equal Jill for uncompromising courage, tenacity and integrity.
    • Of course the journos blame this (like everything else) on the PM and his spin doctors.