Translation of jubilant in Spanish:


de júbilo, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈdʒubələnt/ /ˈdʒuːbɪl(ə)nt/


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    (expression/shout) de júbilo literary
    (expression/shout) alborozado literary
    (speech) exultante literary
    they were jubilant at their win estaban radiantes de alegría con la victoria
    • his enemies were jubilant at his downfall sus enemigos se regocijaron con su caída
    • Mark Williams was jubilant after his title triumph ended his 26-month wait for a tournament win on home soil.
    • The Sligo fans were definitely jubilant and dozens of camera phones captured the moment but that's as far as it went.
    • After the game the jubilant fans carried on celebrating, filling the pubs and painting the Welsh capital blue and white.
    • The big fellow immediately sprinted towards jubilant home fans and was booked for throwing his jersey to the ground.
    • It started on election night 1998 with John Howard jubilant before an ecstatic crowd.
    • Foreign companies were jubilant, since they would get unprecedented access to the Chinese market.
    • At Martin's family home in neighbouring Conception Bay, however, the mood was jubilant.
    • The jubilant crowd shrieked as the balls sailed into the stands' perimeters and crashed into the boundary.
    • Students, former guerrilla fighters, police and soldiers took to the streets in a jubilant parade.
    • But those who took part were jubilant that in their eyes the event had been ‘such a success’.
    • More than 150 jubilant residents clapped and cheered as plans to build homes on a children's play area were thrown out.
    • By the time I returned to my mother's, she was jubilant because she had received two phone calls to assure her that the bag was safe and well.
    • The streets were packed, and the mood was jubilant, as more and more policemen and women continued to pour in during the afternoon.
    • Tourism bosses are jubilant at the publicity Scarborough is receiving prior to the 2004 holiday season.
    • She walks slowly down a street now emptied of cars and people, but soon breaks into a jubilant run.
    • The jubilant winners said they would relax for a couple of days before preparing for the television round.
    • The two had been out together the previous night, and Montgomery appeared tired but jubilant.
    • A jubilant Oxford crew spray the bubbly as they celebrate an impressive row in the 151st Boat Race.
    • And jubilant retail bosses are celebrating a similar success story throughout last year.
    • The mood was jubilant and Edith thought that her exile and imprisonment were finally over.