Translation of Judaism in Spanish:


judaísmo, n.

Pronunciation /ˈdʒudeɪˌɪzəm/ /ˈdʒudiˌɪzəm/ /ˈdʒuːdeɪɪz(ə)m/


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    judaísmo masculine
    • In Judaism, Shabbat represents our opportunity to enjoy all the classes of pleasure in one day.
    • It was a bit strange that the very person who was bringing them closer to Judaism wasn't Jewish.
    • For me, it is a statement to myself and to others of my commitment to Judaism and the Jewish people.
    • It has already been proven that much can be done to reconnect Jews on campus to Judaism.
    • Someone who isn't born a Jew can convert to Judaism, but it is not easy to do so.
    • Although I felt drawn to the drama and the mystery of Judaism, other aspects pushed me away.
    • So, I started searching for the truth about Judaism and where I belonged in my religion.
    • Islam, Christianity and Judaism are the predominant religions in Tunisia.
    • Historic Judaism was a command religion with laws covering every detail of life.
    • She felt the girls needed some sort of religious upbringing and Judaism seemed to be the most sensible to her.
    • Sacrifices were part and parcel of ancient religion, including Judaism.
    • Some religions such as Judaism and Christianity are based on a creation story where time begins in the act of creation.
    • So that is part of my cultural heritage, but I never practised Judaism as a religious way.
    • She tried to build our core Jewish values by informing herself about Judaism.
    • Morrie was so unmistakably Jewish and yet so far removed from Judaism; so close and yet so far.
    • Also, after about two years of learning about Judaism I decided to study to become a Jew.
    • The interviewee began to study with a rabbi and to consider conversion to Judaism.
    • Traditional values that Judaism shares with other religions are also at play.
    • I went on a trip to Israel to learn more about Judaism from an adult perspective.