Translation of jug in Spanish:


jarra, n.

Pronunciation /dʒəɡ/ /dʒʌɡ/

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  • 1

    (large) jarra feminine
    (for milk, cream) jarrita feminine
    • Place the lavender flowers in a wide jug and pour the cream over them.
    • Beat the rest of the sugar, milk, eggs and vanilla in a jug and pour over the croissants.
    • Supposedly, this is a guy pouring water from a jug.
    • Increase the speed as it blends, then pour into a jug.
    • Pour into a jug and leave to cool; do not refrigerate as the syrup might crystallise and lose its fabulous puce clarity.
    • It doesn't matter whether the cream is poured straight from a jug or lightly whipped and spooned from a bowl.
    • Strain through a fine sieve into a jug and pour the mixture over the apricots.
    • Pour into a large jug and melt into it two large spoonfuls of clear honey.
    • Reheat the soup until boiling, decant into a jug and pour into the cups.
    • Carefully lift the fillets on to a warmed plate, cover with foil and keep warm, pouring the liquid into a jug.
    • A key element is the striking handle on the pots and jugs: a right-angled affair with a beautiful curve and circular cutout to fit the hand perfectly.
    • Sara sighed and began to pour the milk from the bottle into the jug.
    • Put the kipper fillets in a jug or heatproof bowl and pour a kettle of boiling water over them.
    • Morandi painted bottles, jars, jugs and the occasional tin.
    • It had fired jugs, pans, cooking pots and roofing tiles in the 14th century, and similar wares have been found on excavations locally and in adjacent counties.
    • Luck was with them - they discovered 15,000 nineteenth-century moulds for jugs, bowls and storage jars in a disused storeroom.
    • Strain this liquid into a jug to remove any egg strings.
    • It keeps very well if stood upright in a jug containing a little water, and refrigerated.
    • Pour it into a large jug - this makes it easier to pour it into the individual moulds.
    • The nurse came up to the bedside, placing the jug on the table.
    • From behind the fridge door, Allan peered out with his mouth leaving a soda jug.
    • Do not, under any circumstances, place the juice in a jug, stopper the jug with a cork, and allow it to sit in a cool, dry place for eighteen to twenty-one days.
    • Ellie enters the room carrying a kettle and a jug containing milk.
    • The chapel was nothing less of a party house full of monks and sisters laughing and having a good time, sloshing around jars, jugs, and other containers full of wine.
    • Kerry campaign volunteers left the rally scene and returned with water cooler jugs and passed cups through the crowd.
    • We brought our own jugs and crocks to take the juice home in, and we'd fill them at the spigot on the holding tank.
    • He popped open a jug and poured cold liquid into a ceramic cup, handing it to me gently.
    • You could always find a milk jug or container at a house party.
    • I pointed at the water jug, a large container that once held orange juice.
    • A young woman appeared, thin and beautiful, carrying a tray with a jug and a plate.
    • Plastic jugs and bottles can be placed in the bins marked for glass, and for both plastic and glass, it is good to rinse out the bottles and remove the caps.
    • Safety rings on plastic containers and jugs have been a popular feature for years.
    • After I saved all the cans, bottles, jars, boxes and milk jugs for a month, I saw how much I was keeping out of a landfill and putting back into our system of natural resources, and I was amazed.
    • Thermoplastics are used to make plastic containers such as soda bottles and milk jugs.
    • The scope of jugs and bottles that are filled with dairy products, from fluid milk to yogurt-based smoothies to dairy-based nutrition or energy drinks, is truly wide today.
    • Finally, when it comes to jugs, bottles and cartons, some dairies find that tried and true works best, while others are constantly seeking out new technology.
    • They use plastic cups and Styrofoam cups or small water jugs.
    • You can make similar cloches out of plastic pop bottles or milk jugs.
    • Victor took the jug and dug a pitcher out of the cupboard.
    • As I spread Vegemite on my toast, Mum fills the jug and puts another mug out.
  • 2 slang

    he's in (the) jug está a la sombra informal
    • If I wasn't put in the jug, they wanted to kill me.
    • Crenshaw has spent long enough in the jug to know what he is talking about, but his crimes have always been those of stupidity rather than those of a hardened career criminal.

transitive verb jugging, jugged, jugged

  • 1

    • I remember still the rich, dense jugged hare I ate then, served from its own shining copper pot; 25 years on, jugged hare is still on the menu although today the marinade contains Chinese five spices.
    • The seven-course meal included such delicacies as oyster sauce, jugged hare and a topical Alexandra pudding.
    • The recipe for northern Italian jugged hare also incorporates a little chocolate at the end.
    • Similarly, jugged hare - boiled and served with hare blood and port - was once part of the staple diet.
    • But she had taken a shine to Antony, and when you put aside any consideration for the poor hare that had been so unceremoniously jugged, the meal, you had to admit, had been rather good.
  • 2US informal

    (prosecute and imprison)
    procesar y poner entre rejas informal
    procesar y encanar informal
    procesar y enchironar Spain informal
    procesar y meter en el bote Mexico, Venezuela informal