Translation of juicer in Spanish:


exprimidor, n.

Pronunciation /ˈdʒusər/ /ˈdʒuːsə/


  • 1

    (gen eléctrico) exprimidor masculine
    juguera feminine Southern Cone
    • This is a specialized type of juicer since normal fruit and vegetable juicers will not juice wheatgrass.
    • Further, the fancy, raw food meals are prepared with a lot of electrical equipment, like dehydrators, juicers, blenders and food processors.
    • She admits to using the toaster, the juicer, and the kettle.
    • Again, in America this would barely be deemed sufficient to power a fruit juicer or half-decent leaf blower.
    • Buy the fruit as soon as it is in season in the fall, then juice it in a fruit juicer.
    • A sturdy cast-iron hand juicer that extracts juices from wheat grass, leafy vegetables, soft fruits and berries.
    • All small appliances such as food mixers and juicers can be permanently housed there, with messy, noisy work undertaken out of sight.
    • It's fine to use tinned fruit, so long as it is in natural juice - this is easily pulped if you are using a liquidizer/food processor rather than a juicer.
    • She was into juicing long before it was cool and trendy and has worn out several electric juicers.
    • ‘I'm getting you an electric juicer for Christmas,’ he promised.
    • I'm really into producing my own carrot juice with my juicer - it's good with apple too.
    • First, using a basic juicer salvaged from my parents' kitchen, I turned out concoctions of almost anything I found.
    • My treatment decisions were respected and the surgeon had even arranged for the juicer to be installed in a little side kitchen!
    • I tried shopping channels - which I usually find extremely calming - but discovered them to be full of imported Americans shouting about - and over - power juicers and steam cleaners.
    • Citrus juicers are available in enamel-covered aluminum, in sizes and colors that correspond with oranges, lemons, and limes.
    • There are a wide variety of juicers and presses available for home use, ranging in price from $45 to $450.
    • She can get North American women to buy yoga mats and juicers, surely she can spare a few minutes to promote the idea of a better banana industry by plugging fair trade bananas.
    • And he has developed one of the most outstanding juicers offering 30 percent more juice.
    • Some distilleries still honor this tradition while others use mechanical juicers.
    • The boxes are tailored for those who want to use the food to prepare home meals or for those who use it in juicers.