Translation of jumpsuit in Spanish:


mono, n.

See Spanish definition of mono


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    mono masculine
    enterito masculine River Plate
    • Among the garments are smart jumpsuits and form-fitting cardigans, loose sweat pants and comfortable singlets, and even party wear such as cropped tops and wraparound skirts.
    • Lauren has regularly used band collars, epaulets, braid, pea coats, aviators' jumpsuits, and military tailoring as signs of crisp, effective women's attire.
    • Some changed back into their uniform jumpsuits, but most just stayed in their underclothing.
    • Participants are being urged to get into the spirit by pulling on tight trousers or a spangly jumpsuit.
    • I was dressed in a black jumpsuit, a black coat, and black pants.
    • This uniform is a lot better than those tight jumpsuits we wore back in the day.
    • They are stocky guys with full-faced helmets, gloves, and yellow jumpsuits made out of some thick material.
    • I had the cloths for various jobs and classes, brown jumpsuits of workers, white business suits, yellow lab coats, and an array of green service outfits.
    • The pale blue of the wall sharply accented their silver jumpsuits, as they tried their best to remain ‘incognito’.
    • They all wore matching dull silver jumpsuits, and all had shaved heads.
    • He wore clothing that looked like a cross between a tuxedo and a jumpsuit.
    • He was wearing a white jumpsuit with some weird silver symbol on the shoulder.
    • As the man got to his feet, firm muscles were outlined beneath the jumpsuit's sleeves.
    • They usually dress in stylish gray jumpsuits befitting of party animals.
    • One example was dressing hostages in orange jumpsuits to mimic U.S. treatment of detainees.
    • Dressed in an orange jumpsuit and blue rubber slippers, he started running.
    • He zipped up the black jumpsuit and gathered up as much ammo as he could carry.
    • We love jumpsuits because they are everything fashion should be: flattering, easy to wear, sexy and hip.
    • Their silver jumpsuits and oversized sunglasses added more flavor to the moves.
    • Trade in her hideous orange jumpsuit for her usual couture!