Translation of jungle in Spanish:


selva, n.

Pronunciation /ˈdʒəŋɡəl/ /ˈdʒʌŋɡ(ə)l/

Definition of selva in Spanish


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    • 1.1Geography

      selva feminine
      jungla feminine
      • Such terrain includes cities, jungles, and dense forests, but it also includes open terrain when it is mountainous or broken, affording the enemy numerous hiding places.
      • He fell on top of a colossal butte overlooking a dense jungle.
      • Your guide will lead you through miles of old cane lands, tropical forests, and jungles rich with magnificent scenery.
      • The Yucatan peninsula is a fascinating area covered by dense jungle and swamps, criss-crossed with rivers and scattered with ruins from the Mayan civilisation.
      • Not named were probably those animals which live exclusively in forest, jungles, mountains, wetlands, deserts, etc.
      • He followed the clearing cautiously, staying in the dense jungle surrounding it.
      • Reporters no longer need to lug around bulky suitcases to carry their laptops and heavy satellite discs in to transmit news stories from remote places, dense jungles or mountain tops.
      • Tourism here is still pretty much an adventure, with unspoiled beaches, coral-filled waters and dense tropical jungle inland.
      • Dense jungle alternates with steamy rice paddies and, as pineapple groves give way to coconut plantations, working elephants come briefly into view.
      • Both Ecuador and Brazil have stepped up military operations in the dense Amazonian jungles where they share borders with Colombia.
      • He had been traveling the dense jungles for what seemed weeks, months even.
      • We walked though the dense foliage of the jungle.
      • By the late 1990s, about four-fifths of the population made their living doing subsistence agriculture in the jungles and highland forests.
      • The farmers keep busy in their vast fields, whose crops are of a healthy golden-brown, while the creatures in the wild hunt and play in the shade of the tropical forests and the damp jungles.
      • Later series saw the women marched through hostile jungle to a second camp.
      • This species, which lives in the wild in the jungles of Central Africa, is classified as endangered, under growing threat from the roaring trade in bush meat, coupled with the loss of their forest habitat.
      • Even so, every walk in a jungle where wild elephants, rhinos, buffaloes or tigers roam, is a tense experience, even if you do have an armed forest guard along with you.
      • These people live there, they understand the jungle of the Philippines, they know what to do.
      • For generations its farmers relied on the surrounding jungle for wood, grazing, fruit, herbs and building materials.
      • They would travel from farm to farm, surviving for days in the jungle by eating crops and fishing in streams.

    • 1.2(confusion, tangle)

      maraña feminine
      laberinto masculine
      • The tops of the washing machines are covered by a jungle of well-watered pot plants.
      • My carpaccio was passable, but far too sparse and hidden beneath a jungle of foliage.
      • We sit there sometimes, but prefer the front, which is more like a jungle of plants where coffee refills are 10 minutes apart.
      • It's gutted, with big windows that aren't even boarded up, rickety balconies and a jungle of weeds out front.
      • There was a jungle of ferns and bushes, blanketed with lichen.
      • She walked through bushes and reached a jungle of trees.
      • Often he would lie for hours, his elbows in the peaty soil, peering through a jungle of grass blades in search of those elusive musicians.
      • This will keep your garden from looking like a jungle of haphazardly placed plants.
      • From a distance, the island looks like a jungle of dark weeds.
      • It's a jungle of images of places found ‘above ground’ at those sites.
      • I was finally able to crawl under the tree, and I soon found myself among a jungle of branches and leaves.
      • When he died, police officers had to cut their way through a jungle of junk, just to get his body out.
      • It had remained hidden all this time under a jungle of wires.
      • Surrounding him on all sides, was a jungle of cement and wires.
      • The shirt she wore looked so torn that he wondered if she had walked through a jungle of thorns before coming into the disco.
      • Dad borrowed the lights from her and rented a jungle of extension cords.
      • A jungle of mechanical debris bridges the gap between the cavernous fore and aft holds.
      • ‘We discovered all these terraces completely overgrown, under a jungle of vines and brambles,’ said Threipland.
      • He says that the group had been working hard to improve the area around the sawmill dam by tackling the jungle of weeds, brambles and nettles that had grown up through years of neglect.
      • But when I realised today that my weed jungle does not constitute a garden to potter in, I turfed them into the bin.
      • Perhaps, our urban jungle is just as bewildering for the old man and his daughter.
      • But the European airline industry remains an insane jungle of bizarre and complex rules.
      • I know it's shameless, but the publishing world is a competitive jungle and, hey, you have to grab what chances you can.
      • You send your camp's story into a veritable jungle of competing messages that bombard every parent and every child with whom you correspond.
      • Here's a roadmap through the jungle of competing claims.
      • They can bring learning alive and help young people through jungles of confusion, over rivers of problems and up mountains of challenge.
      • We have managed to create a jungle of inefficiency, throwing money at administration rather than research.
      • It's a jungle of three letter acronyms and petroleum by-products.

    • 1.3(hostile place)

      jungla feminine

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    jungle masculine
    música jungle feminine