Translation of junior college in Spanish:

junior college


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    establecimiento universitario donde se estudian los dos primeros años de la carrera (in US)
    • In China these institutions are known as workers colleges, junior colleges, and two-year vocational universities.
    • The campaign will start in elementary schools next week and then be extended to high schools and junior colleges, the ministry said in a statement.
    • It has control of the development and administration of the Government and Government-aided primary schools, secondary schools, and junior colleges.
    • There should be a smooth transition from community or junior colleges through course articulation.
    • His football coach at Peabody High School arranged a summer visit to a Lancaster junior college after he graduated, Hughes said.
    • When the public junior college was initially created in 1901, its central mission was transfer education.
    • There were another seven from high school and junior college.
    • Over time, both a highly regarded accredited high school and junior college would flourish at the Beaufort campus.
    • He grew up in Kansas City, attended high school and junior college locally, then spent four years in the Navy.
    • All primary, secondary schools and junior colleges will be closed until April 6, an official in the government press office told CNN.
    • We meet just after she finishes high school and starts the local junior college.
    • Hood helped him escape a difficult home life and directed him to a junior college to polish his academic record and basketball skills.
    • By 1923 the center had evolved into a junior college, and in 1980 it became a senior college.
    • We can't afford to send her to the polytechnic or the junior colleges here.
    • I can be eligible for both a junior college and a polytechnic!
    • It was where I graduated from high school, went to junior college and met my wife, Deidre.
    • The scholarship includes two years at a junior college with the possibility of transferring to a university.
    • Well, I teach political science at the junior college, and I teach history to my students.
    • I have taught courses in mathematics and computer science at various universities ranging from Stanford to junior colleges.
    • I think it's encouraging that we're seeing more junior colleges teaching entrepreneurship.