Translation of junk mail in Spanish:

junk mail

propaganda que se recibe por correo, n.


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    propaganda que se recibe por correo feminine
    • Why is it legal to send junk mail via the post office, but if you send it by email it's suddenly illegal?
    • In that world, senders have to pay to send mail: Paper junk mail has to have postage.
    • Following an experiment to see just how much junk mail he received in a year, he produced a 70 lb mail mountain.
    • It's estimated half of all this traffic is now unsolicited junk mail, or spam.
    • When you receive junk mail from someone unknown, these people may be the culprits.
    • Of this, more than half is unsolicited junk mail otherwise known as spam, and it comes at a cost.
    • She doesn't even like writing e-mail and irrationally hates receiving junk mail.
    • For instance, most people who have an email address have received junk mail or spam.
    • The credit bug has become an epidemic that most householders receiving junk mail know only too well.
    • Unsolicited junk mail and intrusive sales calls are plagues on modern society.