Translation of justice in Spanish:


justicia, n.

Pronunciation /ˈdʒəstəs/ /ˈdʒʌstɪs/

Definition of justicia in Spanish


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    justicia feminine
    he said, with justice, that … dijo, con justa razón, que …
    • there's no justice! ¡no es justo!
    • Others will grant authority to the use of force if it falls within bounds of justice and reason.
    • This is not justice or fair criticism - it is hypocrisy and double standard.
    • An oft-repeated maxim was that reason and justice are to be accorded more regard than mere texts.
    • If it protects any living creatures, it is bound in reason and in justice, to protect all.
    • But don't fancy that all that frantic astronomy would make the smallest difference to the reason and justice of conduct.
    • You stand up for professional values, fair play and justice during a controversy.
    • We esteem ourselves bound by obligations of respect to the rest of the world, to make known the justice of our cause.
    • But what would happen to the right to counsel if lawyers were always second-guessing the justice of their clients' causes?
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    justicia feminine
    court of justice tribunal de justicia
    • justice was done se hizo justicia
    • That lack of specific focus is necessary to maintain public confidence in the administration of justice.
    • What impact does that kind of tactical use by corporations have on the administration of justice?
    • The evidence was critical in relation to a serious charge and the administration of justice would be held in disrepute if the evidence was not admitted.
    • The effect that the admission or exclusion of the evidence would have on the repute of the administration of justice is more problematic.
    • Our submission is that it is an affront to the administration of justice if the continuation of the proceedings would be an abuse.
    • But if there is any interference with the administration of justice, one sets aside the decision.
    • But it goes to an essential aspect of the administration of justice, the due pronouncement of any court decision.
    • If the Court pleases, what the first issue of general importance for the administration of justice is is this.
    • It means that the administration of justice has entirely failed.
    • Plainly, if a fair trial is not possible, then it is not in the interests of the administration of justice to allow any action to proceed.
    • The other two purposes were: the protection of the administration of justice and the protection of the client.
    • The public have not been in a position to form a view about the quality of Scottish justice in this case as proceedings are represented only through the fleeting visits of itinerant journalists.
    • And, again, membership in a political party does not determine the quality of justice in this country.
    • In addition to tackling fraudulent and exaggerated claims, we must improve the quality of justice for genuinely injured parties.
    • What counts most now is that the process of military justice be fair, as I have every expectation it will be.
    • So this is about a political process and a political reason to do this for reasons other than military justice.
    • In the case of a slow degradation of the quality of justice, nothing particularly dramatic would occur.
    • Nor is there any evidence that the quality of justice in New South Wales is notably superior to that in Victoria.
    • Civil rights campaigners believe any change would do serious damage to the quality of British justice.
    • At that time, Rehnquist said the high number of vacancies was eroding the quality of justice associated with federal courts.
    • It is, therefore, a matter of public interest who becomes judges of the lower courts and justices of the Supreme Court.
    • Such a writ can only be granted with the agreement of four justices of the Supreme Court.
    • The judicial branch includes a supreme court with justices appointed by the president.
    • Licensing justices at Andover magistrates court will consider the application next Wednesday.
    • When it does, the 12 law lords will no longer be members of the House of Lords but will become supreme court justices.
    • How does this play into the subject at hand, which is the Supreme Court and justices?
    • Not since Eisenhower, has a president appointed four new Supreme Court justices.
    • Today is a day to be proud of the eight associate justices of the Supreme Court of Alabama.
    • The Supreme Court of Canada justices do not have to explain why they decide to hear or not hear a case.
    • There are only nine justices on the Supreme Court and they serve for life.
    • Three of the nine supreme court justices could well step down in the next few years.
    • The application is made to the magistrates' court and not specifically to the licensing justices.
    • Having heard all the facts of the appeal and discussed the matter, the recorder and the justices refused costs.
    • No application was made, and certainly no application was granted when this matter came before the justices.
    • It isn't hard to guess how the new justices will rule on tort reform and school funding.
    • Regardless of the comments made by the defendants the justices were wrong to find no case to answer
    • The reference to two or more justices is reflected in section 7 of the Magistrates Act.
    • Will we see something in the Budget that will allow for barristers or solicitors to be visiting justices?
    • If that is true of licensing justices, the same must be true of the crown court.
    • The justices refused to grant bail on the basis suggested, and Mr Stevens was remanded in custody.
    • No one should deny the chief justice's right under any circumstances to ensure the independence of the judiciary.
    • The President appoints the chief justice, and they together determine the other judicial appointments.
    • Or is the Court simply stalling for time until a new chief justice is appointed?
    • The Justice of the Peace reserved her decision pending the outcome of these applications.
    • Rule 8 provides for the delegation of functions by the justices ' clerk.
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    juez masculine, feminine
    juez masculine
    jueza feminine
    magistrado masculine
    magistrada feminine