Translation of justify in Spanish:


justificar, v.

Pronunciation /ˈdʒəstəˌfaɪ/ /ˈdʒʌstɪfʌɪ/

Definition of justificar in Spanish

transitive verb justifies, justifying, justified

  • 1

    (action/effort/expense) justificar
    to justify sth/oneself to sb justificar algo/justificarse ante / con algn
    • These seem reasons enough to justify his more favourable assessment in recent years.
    • Well, there are a whole lot of reasons to justify the tax cut the president's been advocating.
    • The Court therefore finds that the reasons put forward as justifying the interference found are not sufficient to satisfy the requirements of paragraph of Article 8.
    • However, the difficulties encountered with this approach are one of the major reasons justifying the retention of the Fair Trading Act provisions discussed below.
    • They will usually be determined on the papers unless there are exceptional reasons justifying a hearing.
    • The reasons justifying this approach were spelled out in an editorial in Le Monde.
    • However, I personally remain unconvinced that this is a sufficient reason to justify public interest in the Clinton case.
    • There was no possible reason to justify any sort of feeling for this girl.
    • The softness, strength and appearance of tissues are used as key reasons to justify the use of virgin forest wood fibres.
    • Without the cash these commercially unviable exchanges would not have supported enough end users to justify the investment.
    • Mr O'Grady said the lack of action by the police or Crown Prosecution Service since he was arrested justified his claim and proved the failings and shortcomings of the police and justice system.
    • This is the most surprising number they've yet come up with and I hope one that will prove and justify their longevity and popularity.
    • Certainly, it is hard to discern the leap in activity that could justify this level of response.
    • The potential cost to the environment and human health of pollution caused by badly-managed composting sites justifies the level of new regulation.
    • The potential cost to the environment and human health justifies the level of new regulation.
    • The criticisms of the law, and the absence of any satisfactory rationale justifies this course.
    • The article is headlined: ‘Cyber war declared on World Bank’ but nothing in the piece really justifies such a strident headline.
    • Surely, the Prime Minister doesn't believe that 150 unbundled lines justifies the tag of competition?
    • On the face of it, this is an absurd claim and nothing in the piece justifies the headline.
    • It justifies a larger space and needs some benevolent soul to offer a venue and find the time to liaise with art teachers across the area.
    • Your anxiety may prove to be fully justified, and if after the first year I'm persuaded that you are right I will have an opportunity to remedy the situation.
    • His sentiments were echoed by Richard Crumlish and it seems their confidence has been fully justified after the opening shows.
    • Wall was immense throughout and fully justified the complete confidence management had in him.
    • The defendant cannot justify one libel by proving the truth of another distinct libel.
    • Her smile conveyed such a warm sense of wellbeing as to suggest she now felt confident that her problems were solved, and her confidence would subsequently prove to be entirely justified.
    • On the few occasions when he did question it he received a sharp response which on the figures was fully justified.
    • Within days, moreover, this confidence proved justified.
    • In the end I think all will be justified and proven.
    • The recommendation of the duck proved to have been justified.
    • His decision to step down from being a prefect has proved to be justified.
    • It is not disputed that the onus is on the plaintiff to prove disability, while the onus is on the defendant to prove that dismissal was justified.
    • They are making a show that the system has some reasonable and justified basis - they are using law and threat of force to bolster a basically irrational system.
    • If the demoted tenancy is breached, the council as landlords can evict the tenant without having to satisfy the court that this is justified or reasonable.
    • It was not an absolute right but any limitation of it had to be justified on reasonable grounds.
    • In other words, the arguments used to justify the ban have proven false.
    • All of the pretexts used to justify the war have proven to be lies and fabrications.
    • Every one of you must first prove and justify each talent and privilege.
    • Some of the results were not rigorously proved but were justified using phrases such as ‘it seems to me’ and ‘I am convinced’.
    • This is why choosing a broader approach for this paper would hopefully prove to be justified.
    • Fully justifying its reputation, the Turkish cuisine, served at all the functions I attended, was a pleasant and delicious experience.
  • 2

    (text/lines) justificar
    • The last of the three margins - the left hand margin - was used to keep a clear line for justifying the text.
    • An earlier version of this article incorrectly reported that justifying online text would yield excessive hyphenation.
    • Now poems are easily detectable on the page, because their right hand margins aren't justified.
    • The following paragraph has been justified by a monospaced text-processing system.
    • In this justification method, the last line is not justified.