Translation of kaftan in Spanish:


caftán, n.

Pronunciation /ˈkæftən/ /ˈkæfˌtæn/ /ˈkaftan/

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    caftán masculine
    • Today's tops borrow heavily from Indian high fashion, with long tunics and caftans all prettied up with sequins.
    • Although Bolton surveys the history of such clothing - togas, kimonos, sarongs, caftans, kilts, and so on - the show focuses mainly on contemporary designers and fashion houses inspired by gender-bending ideas.
    • This passion helped the export of prized Kashmir woollen caftans and shawls to various countries.
    • Social change was documented through the fashion pages, and '50s couture gave way to mini skirts and trouser suits, which in turn gave way to kaftans and kimonos.
    • A sensational onstage music ensemble, dominated by percussionists and two dynamic singers in gold caftans and headdresses, make the music as vivid as the dancing.
    • He does all this wearing a flowing caftan and a burnoose.
    • Somebody would need to get him out of those kaftans and into some relaxed-fit jeans.
    • Trouser legs are down to ankles and kaftans are girded with a long piece of rope.
    • Men traditionally wear long gowns called kaftans, and women wear long robes that leave only their hands and feet exposed.
    • The kaftan, a long, loose-fitting long robe, is still worn throughout much of Morocco in both rural and urban areas.