Translation of kaleidoscope in Spanish:


caleidoscopio, n.

Pronunciation /kəˈlaɪdəˌskoʊp/ /kəˈlʌɪdəskəʊp/


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    caleidoscopio masculine
    • The three mirrors in the kaleidoscope are what provides the dance of ministry pieces and programs.
    • Right now she's attempting to make a kaleidoscope from an empty toilet paper tube, beads, rubber bands, some wax paper and Saran wrap.
    • Our projects will include building kaleidoscopes and telescopes, experimenting with UV and IR light, and arranging mirrors so that a laser shines on a predetermined spot.
    • From this refraction comes her art, where in parts she draws on mystical themes and turns them, rather like using a kaleidoscope, into patterns and associations entirely her own.
    • Cornelius mashes sounds together like a child shaking a kaleidoscope mashes colours, but with a deliberation and precision that refute chaos.
    • Their collecting began as something simple: Karen took a stained glass art class and made a kaleidoscope.
    • When he next opened them, he was behind an electric kaleidoscope or a card of faceted glass.
    • Is it a kaleidoscope that catches patterns at angles?
    • THE FRAGMENTS BEGIN to come together, like the slowly forming pattern of a kaleidoscope.
    • But lovers of kaleidoscopes, Rubik's cubes, and jigsaw and other puzzles should have a field day.
    • It was like a kaleidoscope but definitely the strangest kaleidoscope she had ever seen.
    • She has a passion for kaleidoscopes, and here she's seen with several of her creations.
    • As a result, she says, ‘There is never a week where I don't get one to three new kaleidoscopes.
    • A list of galleries where the kaleidoscopes can be found is also available.
    • They should be allowed to choose to construct either of the kaleidoscopes described below, based upon whatever materials are most readily available to them.
    • She organized the first American exhibition of kaleidoscopes at Strathmore Hall Art Center in Rockville, Md., the year her book came out.
    • Our unique kaleidoscopes are bursting with bright colors and intricate patterns.
    • From the reflection of grains of sand and crystals in tubes through to the advances of computers, kaleidoscopes have always been truly beautiful and even puzzling.
    • To further the inherent fascination of kaleidoscopes, the Museum is offering children's programs where kids can make their own visual creations with the assistance of a Gallery Guide.
    • Perhaps his best-known legacy is his work on the mathematics of kaleidoscopes, including those operating in higher dimensions.