There are 2 main translations of keen in Spanish

: keen1keen2


entusiasta, adj.

Pronunciation /kin/ /kiːn/

Definition of entusiasta in Spanish

adjective keener, keenest

  • 1

    (photographer/supporter) entusiasta
    (student) aplicado
    (student) que muestra mucho interés
    to be keen to + inf
    to be keen on sth/-ing
    to be keen on sb
    • He was very keen and enthusiastic about learning.
    • He was an ardent fisherman, a keen gardener, and an active naturalist.
    • The areas round the house, where the borders are filled with herbaceous plants, were the territory of his wife, Elisabeth, an equally keen gardener, who died last year.
    • The keen gardener, who has had an allotment for nearly seven years, said his plot had vegetables ripped up, tools thrown around and specialist plant frames smashed.
    • ‘I've given up my allotment and the school job,’ said Mick, who is a keen gardener.
    • This will be a unique opportunity for keen gardeners to buy rare and unusual plants, many of which are not obtainable from local garden centres.
    • By all accounts it was the usual huge success, with keen gardeners coming from all around to stock up on plants and gardening paraphernalia.
    • As well as being a keen rambler, Mrs Kirby, who lived on her own following the death of her husband, liked to stay fit and was also a keen gardener.
    • Mr Henry is also a computer enthusiast and a keen motorcyclist.
    • She is a keen gardener, bird watcher, photographer and swimmer.
    • Hamish and his wife, Lesley, were expert fly fishers and keen gardeners.
    • The competition is not just for keen gardeners.
    • Jamie, who has been a keen rally enthusiast since his early teens, is said to be making good progress despite the extensive injuries he sustained.
    • They are keen to receive some tips on toilet training for Emily, who's three.
    • Since we were keen to try their range of fish, we avoided ordering directly from the menu and instead asked for a special platter to be made up.
    • The community includes some ex-offenders and takes referrals from the prison service, but charity chiefs were keen to point out that a whole range of people live there.
    • I asked him why he thinks Kiwis are so keen for life on the edge.
    • Many of you reading this will know that I am a keen player of that fine old brass instrument, the French Horn.
    • The band were keen to promote some of their newer singles but snuck them in between old favourites to keep the crowd satisfied.
    • The record was mostly recorded in a residential studio, as the band were keen to distance themselves from the distractions of everyday life.
  • 2

    • 2.1(sharp)

      (blade/edge) afilado
      (blade/edge) filoso Latin America
      (blade/edge) filudo Chile, Peru
      (breeze/wind) cortante
      • The day was blessed with bright sunshine, although a keen wind cut through Windsor's streets.
      • Gone was Friday's bright sunshine, replaced by cloud and a keen wind that made hardy souls of those camped out overnight outside Westminster Abbey or along The Mall.
      • The steering arm thrums under their hand, the deck heaves beneath their feet and the keen salt wind cuts like a knife through even a good sealskin cloak.
      • Overhead a keen, high altitude wind hauls thin streaks of cirrus across the bright, clear blue sky.
      • Seizing an opportunity, he slashed upwards with his knife, the keen edge of his blade taking grip on the dog's neck.
      • After many modifications, the end result is an extremely tough, durable and sturdy blade that retains a keen edge over many years.
      • I stared at the knife in my hand for a long time, turning it over and over in my hands, admiring the keen edge and the gleaming metal that made the blade.
      • But the treasure was in the blades - made of the finest bronze, honed to a keen edge.
      • This is quality steel that takes and holds a keen edge.
      • The dagger followed after and she leaned back to escape its bite but its keen edge sliced along her cheek, doing minimal damage.
      • The knife was at her throat, its keen edge pressed against her larynx.
      • Emma remembered when Rae had pressed the keen edge of the sword against her throat.
      • He swept his black blade around in a flat, horizontal arc, watching in satisfaction as the keen edge drew nearer and nearer to Anya's midsection.
      • The long blades were keen and the handles were sky blue with a silver pommel and cross-guard.
      • The keen edge cut through his glove easily and into his hand, blood seeping from the cut and dripping onto the pavement.

    • 2.2(acute)

      (hearing) muy fino
      (sight) agudo
      (sight) muy bueno
      (wit/intelligence) agudo
      a keen sense of smell un agudo sentido del olfato
      • she has a keen eye for business tiene mucha visión para los negocios
      • we need somebody with a keen eye for detail necesitamos una persona observadora y detallista
      • a keen understanding of the problem una comprensión cabal del problema
      • keen observers of the political scene perspicaces observadores de la escena política
      • With their poor eyesight and keen sense of smell, they can get dangerously close.
      • They have keen hearing and good senses of vision and smell.
      • The sense of smell is keen and the snout is used to probe when searching for food.
      • Like a sharp pair of fangs, quick forelegs, or keen hearing, our adept mind has insured the survival of our species.
      • His quick and strong wrists, his reflex action, and keen eyesight all figured in his ability to succeed as a hitter.
      • Its sight is marvellously keen, hearing exceedingly acute, and sense of smell wonderfully perfect.
      • In her latter years she suffered from failing eyesight and hearing but her other faculties remained keen and right to the end Mrs Rawlings retained an amazing memory of her life.
      • Elves were known for their grace, beauty, keen eyesight, and sharp hearing.
      • Most ray-finned fishes have keen hearing ability and sound production is common but not universal.
      • Like most owls, Great Horned Owls have keen hearing and keen vision in low light, both adaptations for hunting at night.
      • He is powerfully built, but lithe and well balanced, with a light footed, smooth and graceful gait, has a keen sense of smell and is well able to point, set and retrieve.
      • Cover scents hide the hunter from an animal's keen sense of smell.
      • In addition this animal has an exceptionally keen sense of smell.
      • Deer are extremely cautious animals with keen senses of smell and hearing.
      • Of course, it takes a keen military intellect to understand the strategic importance of blowing up empty buildings.
      • He had a gentle, kindly manner, twinkling eyes and quick smile, a keen sense of humour and a penetrating wit.
      • His sharp intellect, keen wit and urbane presence have been an asset of varying value to the Labour Party for almost 40 years.
      • She was a very bright pupil of very keen intellect which stood her in good stead all through her long life.
      • I was pleased with the fact that the court appeared to me to have a keen sense of understanding of what I thought were the critical issues.
      • So it followed naturally that she would later use her sharp eye, keen intelligence, and inquisitive nature to create stories about the people and things she observed.
      • His quick imagination, his keen humor, and his gentleness made his visits occasions for celebration.
      • To her friends she is Karen, the self-assured and bright young woman, with a keen wit and plenty to say.
      • His sharp insights are conveyed through keen intelligence, humor, and wit.
      • He's made it to the top of his profession on his own terms, armed with a sharp intellect, a rakish charm, keen wit and passionate belief in justice.
      • Quick intervention begins with keen sensitivity and sharp observation.
      • Harriet has the keen judgment and discerning intellect necessary to be an outstanding Counsel.
      • We will miss his keen mind, his insight, his gentle, gracious manner, his caring nature, his mischievous sense of humour and his support.
      • Readers of my diary will recognise me as a wise, avuncular figure with a keen mind and big heart.
      • The new leader will have to display strength of character, sturdiness of will, a keen intellect, a sense of humour and an ability to relate to the people of Scotland.
      • ‘Feminine reason’ was about common sense and a keen perception of the everyday.
      • She also developed a keen sense of the future of research.
      • Reyes is old-school but not old-fashioned, and has a keen sense for the highs and lows of a jazz tune.

    • 2.3(intense, strong)

      (competition) muy reñido
      (interest/desire) vivo
      he has a keen appetite tiene muy buen apetito
      • Among Earnhardt's many passions was a keen love of deer hunting, fishing, and recreational activities.
      • Cricket was my keen interest, my passion and my everlasting love.
      • The league is set to provide a lot of interest and keen competition among the enthusiasts.
      • Energy specialists project keen competition in Hungary by several foreign enterprises.
      • The military, of course, took a keen interest in ensuring that all news was published ‘in the spirit of nationalism’.
      • I await the outcome of this potentially interesting conference with keen anticipation.
      • Anticipation is keen, excitement is not far away, people are living for the moment.
      • Lara will again lead the team in this weekend's encounter, which promises to provide keen competition.
      • This belief gave rise to a keen resentment which propelled many young people into political activism, and brought Duplessis to power in 1936.
      • For the participating companies, of which there will be over 400, the keen competition and fun will help foster team spirit.
      • The horsemen looking on with the keen anticipation of those about to be mightily entertained paid me the compliment of rapidly becoming bored.
      • Graham forces the viewer to experience, at one and the same time, two intensely contrary feelings - deadpan irony and keen longing.
      • The early exchanges were keen and only excellent defending by Castlecomer prevented Tralee capitalising on a number of offensive moves.
      • While the number of competing clubs was down on last year's entry the competition was, nevertheless, keen with some excellent individual scoring.
      • Once again a very keen and competitive atmosphere was enhanced by the good weather.
      • Competition is keen, and price increases tend to be modest.
      • Auction results consistently show that there is a keen demand here in Ireland for contemporary art at affordable prices by both Irish and international artists.
      • Fewer, larger farms, low prices and keen competition have made the economic services of many cooperatives redundant.

    • 2.4British (competitive)

      • Most well-run companies will have mainstream costs under control and will have professional buyers negotiating keen prices for all raw materials.
      • Prices are keen, starting at €19,500 for the 1.4 litre saloon and an extra €200 for the estate body.
      • Ex-company cars at two to three years old can represent very good value for money if bought at keen prices, as they will have been serviced regularly under a lease plan.
      • Although their wines require a little extra effort to find, they boast an obvious authenticity and have huge rarity appeal and keen prices.
      • It combines an attractive compact unit with all the multimedia features needed for home use at a keen price.
      • Prices are keen but beware that entry models have neither sun roof nor air conditioning.
      • Prices will be announced closer to launch date but if the new 1.6 litre diesel can be sold at a keen price, it will be the clear winner.
      • If they offer the car at a keen price, it should prove extremely popular with Irish buyers.
      • I particularly like getting shops to match Internet-only prices, which combines the convenience of shopping on the high street with the Web's keen price tags!
      • If they find it impossible to source local Irish produce at keen prices, they must ship in much of their supplies from England and the continent.
      • However, these markets will be highly competitive, and consumers will demand keen prices.
      • All artworks are on sale at very keen, competitive prices, so come along and enjoy the wonderful display.
      • And then there is the possibility of tasting, and buying wines direct from the source, which may involve keen prices and/or acquiring rarities.
      • You get the opportunity to enter a short description and you can see what other people are selling their copies for, giving you the opportunity to set a keen price if you want.
      • Whether they will be able to keep offering such keen prices if the banks become more cautious about property lending remains to be seen.
      • Buying locally where possible, combined with unpackaged fruit and veg, enables the company to sell its organic produce at keen prices.
      • It makes no bones about offering reasonable food, at a keen price with friendly service.
      • Their main aim is quality and value with keen prices.
      • They will stock a huge range of toys at keen prices.
      • Many Italian merchants ship internationally and at keen prices so it pays to do some leg work.

  • 3US slang, dated

    (very good)
    chévere Latin America
    fetén Spain slang

There are 2 main translations of keen in Spanish

: keen1keen2


lamentar, v.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    • She could hear voices speaking in soothing tones, but Anna keened and wailed, and Kathleen tried not to imagine the scene on the other side of the door.
    • Act Three ends powerfully, with the village in flames, good Soviet citizens hanging by their necks, and keening women, including one who is given a ‘mad scene’ of sorts.
    • They cried, they keened, they wailed.
    • They keened and wailed outside the gates for hours.
    • When another daughter died in infancy she keened and mourned over the body for hours until the body finally had to be taken from her.