Translation of keep on in Spanish:

keep on

seguir, v.

phrasal verb

  • 1

    • 1.1(continue)

      to keep on -ing seguir + ger

      • you have to keep on trying
      keep on like this and you'll be in trouble como sigas así, vas a tener problemas
      • keep straight on siga (todo) recto / derecho
      • we kept on until nightfall seguimos hasta el anochecer

    • 1.2(repeatedly)

      the dogs kept on barking all night los perros no dejaron de ladrar en toda la noche
      • I keep on forgetting to tell him siempre me olvido / nunca me acuerdo de decírselo
      • she kept on interrupting him lo interrumpía constantemente

    • 1.3(talk incessantly)

      to keep on (about sth/sb)
      • she keeps on about her grandson
      • they kept on and on until I had to give in

    • 1.4(nag)

      to keep on (at sb)
      • don't keep on all the time!
      • she keeps on at me about my weight

  • 2

    (continue to employ)
    (staff/cook) no despedir
  • 3

    • 3.1(continue to wear)

      keep your coat on no te quites el abrigo

    • 3.2British (not get rid of)

      we decided to keep the flat on after all después de todo, decidimos no deshacernos del apartamento