Traducción de keister en Español:


trasero, n.

Pronunciación /ˈkistər/ /ˈkiːstə/

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    trasero masculino coloquial
    to be knocked on one's keister quedar boquiabierto
    • There are also a surprising number of people who wouldn't recognize a joke if it walked up and slapped them on the keister.
    • You'll rest your tired keister at night in some of the Alps most inviting resorts and inns.
    • It's an all-natural blend of minerals, herbs and oils to soothe your keister and make it kissably fresh.
    • All they gotta do is git off their lazy keesters and earn their own keep.
    • Atlanta players who attempted to show assertive self-dignity were silenced or knocked on their keisters.
    • We're using a traditional sedentary medium, the Internet, to get you off your keister to participate.
    • In a memo from 1983, Roberts complains about how newspaper columnists focused on Ronald Reagan's memorable use of the word keister.
    • Unfortunately, the company decided that after the Christmas rush, there was no need for all the extra people they took on, so your old pal Jean was out on her keister!
    • Fine, get off your keister and do something about it.
    • Sarita meets up with the kid and they haul their keesters to the abandoned house with the dino in pursuit.
    • So they worked their keesters off, got into the wholesale business, and began a catering division.
    • They are our mind's way of telling us that something is wrong and we need to get off our keesters to fix it.
    • At the very least the company made sure all our keisters were comfortable with thick foamy pads while watching the show.
    • Those of you wandering around the base better get your keisters down there.
    • It's difficult to get off our keesters and do something about it.
    • My new friends over to my right have keesters firmly planted in their seats as well and are disgusted at all the clueless theatre minions shouting, ‘Bravo!’
    • We can bring about this massive transfer of power from the government to the people, but only if you'll get off your keesters and help us out!
    • Well, all of ya'll sittin’ around on your keisters, you're irking me if you're not taking advantage of our National Parks.
    • Maybe his new book will persuade experts (and mainstream journalists) to sit their keisters down in those chairs and see what actually goes on in those schools.