Translation of kennel in Spanish:


residencia canina, n.

Pronunciation /ˈkɛnl/ /ˈkɛn(ə)l/


  • 1US

    (for boarding) residencia canina feminine
    (for boarding) hotel de perros masculine
    (for breeding) criadero de perros masculine
    • Our funds are vital for the care of animals at our kennels and cattery in Keighley, and without our shop-generated funds, we may have to refuse admissions.
    • His breeding kennels have insured that this breed will be perpetuated.
    • Domestic pets then had to be taken to other RSPCA centres or to private kennels and catteries, which meant inspectors and animal collectors sometimes had to travel up to 30 miles.
    • We use the barn and we keep the more fragile ones in our homes but we want to build proper kennels and a cattery.
    • Once you have found the kennels or cattery you like you will have to make sure that your pet's vaccinations are up to date, as the kennels or cattery will need to see the vaccination certificates.
    • It is understood that pet owners became concerned when they tried to contact the kennels to collect their animals but were unable to obtain any reply from the number.
    • The owners of the house, Vera and Lesley, established the kennels more than 20 years ago.
    • Because the kennels and cattery are in our grounds, we are constantly on hand to care for the animals.
    • Contact a local breeders club, and ask for a list of reputable kennels or catteries.
    • Regulations against the trade of dogs were made in Shanghai - kennels can only sell dogs they breed, and are not allowed to sell dogs they buy.
    • A greyhound owner has lost her fight to keep her dogs in kennels in the countryside - because they make too much noise.
    • Apart from doing some shopping this morning, my most important task has been to pick up my dog Tara from the kennels.
    • He described Zara as a bubbly well liked person who dreamed of setting up her own dog kennels.
    • They were at the dog kennels looking for a dog for Liam.
    • I think the animals are better off in a kennel where they are given shelter and attention rather than being landed into a busy house on Christmas day.
    • Over the last two years local kennels have submitted a number of bids to provide the kennelling service.
    • I chose this greyhound from a kennel in Sowerby Bridge and he was fantastic.
    • Many pet owners find they are not able to enjoy their vacation when they are forced to leave their pets at a kennel.
    • So if you are considering putting your pet into a kennel or cattery you should ask to see the current licence which should be displayed on the premises.
    • We'll have to put her in a kennel, which is very expensive.
  • 2British

    casa del perro feminine
    caseta del perro feminine
    casilla del perro feminine