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llave, n.

Pronunciación /ki/ /kiː/

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nombreplural keys

  • 1

    • 1.1

      (for lock) llave femenino
      (on can) llave femenino
      (on can) abridor masculino
      I've lost my house/car keys he perdido las llaves de casa/del coche
      • turn the key twice dale dos vueltas a la llave
      • key holder administrador de llaves
      • In the recovery room and three theatres, the drugs cupboards had been opened using force and the metal cupboards inside had been opened with keys.
      • He pulled the keys out, opened the door and slammed it closed.
      • From her pockets, she produced a key and inserted the key into the door, opening it.
      • I inserted my key into the lock and opened the door, listening for telltale sounds.
      • Then they tried to use the keys to open the door but put the wrong key in the lock.
      • It will be a far cry from North Sea Camp open prison where inmates have keys to their own rooms.
      • I fished out my keys, opened the door, and let him in.
      • But Moore had a set of keys, so he opened the door for himself.
      • It took him a few minutes to find the right key and open the lock.
      • Thieves are only too happy to look out for people leaving their doors open and keys on show.
      • When David Brooke arrived the curtains were closed and the keys were inside the door lock.
      • Maria fiddled with the keys, trying to open the lock to the door of her yellow convertible.
      • He walked me to the door and I fumbled with my keys before opening it.
      • Later on I realized I had lost my keys and Bernie found them in the sand, about fifteen feet away from where we were sitting.
      • He also made a large key for the door of Sheriff Hutton Hall.
      • Peterson glared at him as he pulled a house key from his jacket pocket.
      • When he reached her door, he turned the spare key in the lock and walked inside.
      • Ryan turned his house key in the door and followed Katalyn inside.
      • He bent down and pushed the key into the keyhole.
      • Gone forever are the enormous key rings with the bunches of clanging keys carried by the prison officers.

    • 1.2(for clock, mechanical toy)

      llave femenino
      • It later serviced the local textile industry, but then found a niche with the water industry, making valve keys for reservoirs and water mains.
      • The front of the tail mount is attached the keel and the back is elevated, plus there is no screw key below the keel.
      • Threats of police action to obtain the clock winding key were made recently.
      • The clock does work, you wind it up with a key and it has a clear ringing double chime and right now it is keeping time.
      • Slotted stems are turned with a screwdriver and square ones are turned with a radiator key.
      • Remove adjusting keys and wrenches from tool before turning it on.
      • Use a lag-screw system that includes a special key that can sink or retrieve the screw.
      • Along the same line are the T-shaped hex tools with vinyl grips and L-shaped keys for greater torque power.

    • 1.3

      (switch) llave femenino
      (switch) interruptor masculino
      (for transmitting coded signals) manipulador masculino
      • Anytime we flip a switch, turn a key in the ignition, or mail a letter, we expect something to happen.
      • He switched the keys in the ignition and the car started to roar.
      • When police stopped him his car engine was switched off and the keys were in the ignition and he was sitting in the driver's seat.
      • Now he reached for the keys, turned the ignition key and waited, half-expecting the car not to start.
      • Twist the key in the ignition and the engine doesn't so much explode into life as dutifully and modestly clear its throat.
      • There are systems already installed in our vehicles to warn us that we have left our headlights on or our keys in the ignition.
      • I sighed with relief before sliding into the jeep and slipping the keys in the ignition.
      • Thieves have been preying on motorists who leave their keys in the ignition and engines running to defrost their cars.
      • He swerved into his parking space on the dock, took his key out of the ignition, locked the car and ran up to the ship.
      • I put everything back in the bag, grabbed my keys out of the ignition, locked the doors, slung the bag over my shoulder and waited.
      • Alysha took the keys out of the ignition and locked the car.
      • The key was in the ignition and Jessie was about to pull out of the parking lot, when she stopped.
      • She turned the key in the ignition and they left Pickering Beach, driving west.
      • Lucas shifted the car into park before pulling the keys from the ignition.
      • Because it was a secluded spot with no-one else around she left the keys in the ignition with the engine running.
      • She put the keys into the ignition and sped off into the night, trying to find something to concentrate on besides her disturbing memories.
      • Figuring they'd be arguing for awhile, she just pulled the keys out of the ignition and leaned back across the seat, looking her son in the eye.
      • I put the keys in the ignition and backed out of the driveway.
      • I am now car-less and about £2,000 out of pocket, as I don't think that the insurance will pay out as I had left the keys in the ignition.
      • He also grabbed the car keys from the ignition to prevent them driving off.
      • Using the Morse key, operators at the stations were able to communicate with the world 24 hours a day.
      • A woman sits at a telegraph key and rattles Morse code along a wire.
      • She had learned to shoot a pistol, crawl under barbed wire, tap out gibberish on a Morse key.

    • 1.4(peg, wedge)

      cuña femenino
      • A cotter key fits in the two holes I drilled at the bottom and holds it open or shut.
      • Depending on the type of block you are using, there is typically some sort of key that locks one row to the row below it.
      • Opening the bubble-wrap we find the main unit, an instruction leaflet and a small bag with the screws and 2 keys.
      • In the box you also get a well-written manual, a bag of drive rails, a large collection of screws/standoffs and the keys for the side panel.

  • 2

    • 2.1(to puzzle, code etc)

      clave femenino
      • Quantum cryptography systems discard these corrupt keys and only use codes that are known to be secure.
      • The strongest of all cipher systems require a random key as long as the message that's being sent.
      • Cryptographic keys and iris code reside in the smart card.
      • British agents broke into the Spanish Embassy in Washington and stole the keys to their ciphers, enabling Bletchley Park to crack the Spanish codes.
      • Your report says that she has the code keys memorized.
      • Stream ciphers are essentially practical adaptations of the Vernam Cipher with small keys.
      • The encryption keys are sent over dedicated links, and the messages ciphered with those keys are transmitted over the Internet.
      • How could you get a secret encryption key to someone in cyberspace?
      • Asymmetric encryption relies on two keys that work together as a pair an encryption key and a decryption key.
      • More recent viruses and blended threats also extract passwords, decryption keys and logged keystrokes.
      • The ‘DaVinci code’ of the title refers to cryptic keys supposedly incorporated by Leonardo da Vinci into his art.
      • There are many ways of cheating on standardized tests other than doctoring the answer keys or even using questions from the test in class exercises.
      • If there are no answer keys, compare your answers against those of some friends of yours who are also doing the practice competitions.
      • The classroom teacher rated each test using answer keys, while the second author independently scored all tests.
      • Answer keys for tests and practice problems are found in each chapter.
      • If there are keys for answers, check what your child will be learning and see if it's in a skill that will be called for.
      • So, be careful with this CD-ROM set as you should be with the answer key in any math textbook.
      • After the teaching tips and 175 daily lessons, there's a set of workbook answer keys, tests and quiz drill sheets.
      • In North Carolina, no one at the school has access to the answer key or to grading the essays on our state tests.
      • My music students have those same moments because they, too, have the answer key.
      • I have been trying to get my hands on that answer key for several years, and kept getting turned down.
      • Then, she tried the drawer of the desk that she knew the test answer key was hidden in.
      • A good open-ended question should include a detailed answer key for the person marking the paper.

    • 2.2(to map)

      explicación de los signos convencionales femenino
      • In fact, as will be obvious to any reader who has ever used an index, the symbols in the key refer to the chapters in which the characters appear.
      • References within the tables themselves are listed in a key below each individual Appendix.
      • There is extensive use of place names without accompanying maps throughout the book, and many of the maps provided lack keys and scales.
      • For the reader who is not familiar with Soviet map symbols, there is a key in the back of the book.
      • References to pertinent illustrations are noted within the keys to help the user visualize and clarify the plant anatomy in question.

    • 2.3(answers)

      soluciones femenino
      respuestas femenino

  • 3

    (crucial element)
    clave femenino
    patience is the key la paciencia es el factor clave / la clave
    • But as he explains, it is this hardship that provides a key to understanding the spirit and culture of these tribes.
    • Investment in higher education is the key to our future.
    • Universal responsibility is the real key to human survival.
    • In a recent commencement address, she gave graduates a few keys to being a well-rounded person.
    • The inscription is therefore credited as one of the keys to opening up the thousands of years of Egyptian history.
    • Clark, who is a former champion, said consistency was the key to their victory.
    • When exfoliating, the key is to remove the dead skin cells but leave healthy ones intact.
    • In the case of the stockmarket, the key to achieving good capital growth is profitability.
    • Moderation is the key to success when training your legs and glutes.
    • The key to raising the achievement of these boys is good teaching.
    • We strongly support our volunteer local organizing committees, whose good will and hard work are the keys to success.
    • In this it seems to me he is correct and has come up with a vital key to our understanding of Elgar.
    • Education is the key to a future for humankind, especially for a healthier humankind with a suitable replacement rate.
    • In my view these statements provide a significant key to the resolution of the issue before me.
    • Their motivation provides a key to the distinctive nature of modern terrorism.
    • The Dalai Lama once said that simplicity is the key to happiness in the modern world.
    • This awareness will provide the key to tracking animals, both human and otherwise.
    • Secondly, I was always of the opinion that the key to empowering women was to provide them with choice.
    • Dr Bracken said the key to providing a good service was time - and that was often in short supply.
    • The key is to plan a fun event early in the year that features activities the family will enjoy.
  • 4

    (of typewriter, piano) tecla femenino
    (of wind instrument) llave femenino
    • The participants initiated the trials by pressing any of the keys on the computer keyboard.
    • The function keys are smaller then normal, resembling the half-size keys found in many laptop keyboards.
    • To ensure that the computer remains in Standby, do not move the mouse or press any keys on your keyboard.
    • It means that if you can press keys on a keyboard, you have what is required to create your very own webpage!
    • You must use the number keys in the numeric keypad on the left of your keyboard.
    • Both Shift keys and the Return and Backspace keys are full size, which is always good to see.
    • During scanning, volunteers pressed a computer key to indicate that they detected an odor.
    • In the background, as I pound away at the keys on my computer, the second half of the Sunday-night Bucs-Bears game has just begun.
    • In today's information era, personal data is increasingly difficult to hide from the clicks of computer keys.
    • He punched a few keys on his computer and swiveled the monitor towards me.
    • You will find yourself accidentally hitting the Alt and delete keys quite a bit.
    • Tom furrowed his brow and tapped a few keys on his computer.
    • Several frenzied hits on the F5 key seemed to have brought things back to my most recent post.
    • Finally, he pressed the enter key on the last keypad.
    • Minnie tapped a few keys on the keyboard and clicked the mouse.
    • The Apple had a simple keyboard that only had upper case letters and only two arrow keys.
    • He heard the light tapping of keys, and opened his eyes to find that Dan was sprawled on the floor, working on his laptop.
    • And so when it comes time to locate their inner novelist, or just write letters, they like to hear the sound of hammering keys and the ding of a bell when they reach the end of a line.
    • Do I release the Wednesday update now and slink away, or just hammer the keys until I have something worth posting?
    • The arrow key is directional I think - you click up to select ones above your current one, left to move to the left.
    • Her fingers stilled on the keys as the piano strings stopped their vibrations and the lounge was silent again.
    • The placement of the pianist's fingers on the keys also will affect dynamics to a certain degree.
    • Beth brought her fingers to the flute keys and played the first run of the piece.
    • There will also be convertibles to drive to the countryside, horses to ride on the beach, piano keys to tickle, and tennis balls to swat.
    • He doesn't reply but softly touches the keys of the piano.
    • There are twelve half-tones (black and white keys on a piano), or steps, in an octave.
    • These ratios produce the eight notes of an octave in the musical scale corresponding to the white keys on a piano.
    • Sara was intently studying the ivory and black keys of the piano.
    • Anna could barely reach the piano keys when she started showing signs of a rare musical ability.
    • Even today, I can laugh and cry and express anger through my fingers on piano keys.
    • She began the lyrical melody, her fingers flowing over the keys without thought, her body swaying to the lilting melody of the music.
    • Consequently, holly is often used for the black keys on pianos and organs and for the pegs and fingerboards on violins.
    • In the corner was a piano, polished keys glittering under white light and two guitars - an acoustic and an electric.
    • This last model is for more serious keyboard players who need the approximate feel of a piano's heavier keys under their fingers.
    • He was obviously very passionate about his music as he sat behind his piano lightly fingering the keys for a brief moment.
    • Sitting down, she glided her fingers across the piano keys.
    • As she sang, her back straightened up and she resumed her normal regal posture as her fingers pounded the keys of the piano in front of her.
    • I walked out into the hall and ran my fingers over the piano keys.
    • His fingers sailed across the piano keys as he sang with all the feeling that he could muster.
    • The recordings capture the sound of his fingers on the keys, the depression of the pedals, and the click of the microphone as it turns off.
  • 5

    tono masculino
    tonalidad femenino
    in the key of D minor en (tono de) re menor
    • to be in/off key estar/no estar en el tono
    • to go off key desentonar
    • to play/sing in key tocar/cantar en el tono
    • Today, I am only going to listen to music played in major keys.
    • The pieces are all arranged as short, two-page pieces in the keys of C, F, G, D and B-flat major.
    • In my profession it may even be disadvantageous because it happens that we play a piece in a different key.
    • The first section scampers about in a happy fashion but darkens suddenly in the key of D minor.
    • Transposition is explained in a concise manner on the last page, making it easy for students to learn how to play these exercises in other keys.
    • At this point I wish Mr Gibb had written it in a slightly lower key, but what is good enough for Barbra Streisand is good enough for me.
  • 6

    sámara femenino
    • Visitors were not allowed to use pens or pencils but to use other media such as twigs, sycamore keys and string, among other things, with Indian ink to make marks.


  • 1

    (man/woman) (invariable adjective) clave
    (factor/question) (invariable adjective) clave
    (factor/question) fundamental
    the key jobs los puestos clave

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    to key sth to sth adaptar / adecuar algo a algo
  • 2

    (surface) (para una mejor adhesión de baldosas, azulejos etc) estriar
    • Where no keying mix or bonding agent is specified, wet smooth concrete surfaces immediately before plastering.
    • If the piece is varnished or painted, sand it well to remove most of the finish and key the surface.