Translation of keyhole in Spanish:


ojo de la cerradura, n.

Pronunciation /ˈkiˌhoʊl/ /ˈkiːhəʊl/


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    ojo de la cerradura masculine
    • Selecting one, he inserted it into the keyhole and turned.
    • Sighing as he opened his leather pouch on his waist and dug out a set of lock picks, he expertly selected the right tool for the job and inserted it into the keyhole.
    • She inserted it in the keyhole, and it gave a small click and swung open.
    • I took out my key and inserted it into the keyhole, but when I took it out the door was locked.
    • Finally, when he got a hold of it, he thrust it in the keyhole and the lock opened with a loud click.
    • The first step in picking a lock is to insert the tension wrench into the keyhole and turn it in the same direction that you would turn the key.
    • On the right side of the frame, just above the trigger, is a keyhole where a special key can be inserted to lock the trigger.
    • Sadly the front door was locked so my view was limited to peering through the keyhole.
    • Unlike most other lock boxes, however, the keyhole is hidden behind a plastic plate that's attached with screws.
    • A cylindrical lockset fits into a large hole bored into the door's face with the keyhole in the door knob.
    • He inserted the key into the keyhole and hoped for a miracle of sorts as he turned the door knob.
    • Looking at this photograph is like peering through a keyhole into a secret world shared only by this mother and child.
    • That explains the absence of carols, tinsel and holly if you come listening through our keyhole and peering through our window this year.
    • Astoundingly, the keyhole offers a direct line of sight to the Vatican, as if to keep an unflinching eye on the Church.
    • I gingerly crept to my parents' room and listened with my ear at the keyhole.
    • The key always sat in the keyhole, with a red ribbon tied to the end of it.
    • In the nineteenth century, people thought ghosts came into a house through its keyholes, and these covers were designed to keep them out.
    • But he follows his obsession, and goes to great lengths in doing so, peeping through keyholes and lurking in the bushes with binoculars in an effort to satisfy his curiosity.
    • Reaching her apartment, Marla pulled her key out of her pocket and stuck it in the keyhole.
    • Kneeling down next to the door so that the keyhole was on eye level, I produced the piece of wire and file that he'd given me and proceeded to try my hand at picking the lock.