Translation of keypal in Spanish:


amigo por correo electrónico, n.

Pronunciation /ˈkipæl/ /ˈkiːpal/


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    amigo por correo electrónico masculine
    amiga por correo electrónico feminine
    • Be sure to let me know if your keypal does not respond - we may need to find you a different keypal.
    • There are many web sites on the Internet to find keypals if you are looking for international keypals.
    • A teacher chronicles her third graders’ e-mail exchanges with keypals in Australia.
    • Three different ways of finding keypals for your class are described.
    • I want a keypal who likes the same stuff I like and is very creative and talkative.
    • What have you learned about yourself, your keypal, and where your keypal lives from this activity?
    • Students will be asked to describe a character from a book they have read and persuade their keypal to read the book.
    • Children email text, digital photographs and video to their keypals exchanging information about their homes, hobbies, schools, families and countries.
    • This is a site to find penpals, penfriends and keypals around the world.
    • A successful keypal program involves more than finding keypals for your students and them having them write their first e-mail message.