Translation of kibitz in Spanish:


entrometerse, v.

Pronunciation /ˈkɪbɪts/

Definition of entrometerse in Spanish

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (look on at cards)
    (en un juego de cartas) entrometerse
    • Gruff, inhospitable, and monolingual, the Russians sprawl in folding chairs, kibitz around card tables, smoke in defiance of ‘no smoking ‘signs, and studiously ignore customers who stray past their booths.
    • In addition to the formal legal process, a number of academics, lobbyists, journalists, and commentators have been kibitzing and barracking from the sidelines.
    • You take pictures from beginning to end - lots of them inside and outside of the plane - and even if you're a pilot, stay out of the way and don't kibitz.
    • Who are we to kibitz from the sidelines without access to secret briefings, intelligence, knowledge, and all of the apparatus of government?
    • It is not polite to kibitz during other people's games, unless you have permission from both players.
    • In the third act, Turai hilariously kibitzes and harasses Almady as he plays out the play within the play with Ilona.
    • Relieving the tension of hours below surface, crewmen on board a U.S. Navy submarine play a round of cards while a shipmate kibitzes from his bunk.
  • 2

    meter las narices informal
    • I basically advised them on the accuracy of the film and verisimilitude issues, kibitzed with them.
    • They visit, gossip, spy and tease; and while they are so engaged, the main character snoops and kibitzes with us.
    • A building can be organized to maximize interaction, so that people bump into each other and talk, drink, flirt, eat, complain, kibitz.
    • The two of them are still close as they kibitz among the consumer goods.
    • It was one way to lighten up the patients in the hospital, kibitz a little bit.
    • We kibitzed about the game on Friday as he handed me a large piece of pumpkin pie that I devoured instantly.
    • There is ample room for family members to kibitz with the cook, and adequate circulation space for guests who always seem to nosh where food and drinks are being served.
    • They joked and kibitzed for a few minutes, and Axel was totally won over.
    • The division of labor appears to be Lydon upstairs and Regis downstairs, but everyone works and kibitzes with everyone else.
    • Well, I guess we could kibitz a little first about the word ‘formal,’ and whether it can really be used to point to a certain sort of poem.
    • Al had the ability to kibitz with the players but he also knew when it was time to put his foot down.
    • And as an editor there he got to kibitz and tipple with the likes of Dorothy Parker, Stephen Vincent Benet and P.G. Woodhouse.
    • During the practice round before my Masters victory in 1997, Arnold, Jack and I had the best time kibitzing over bets.
  • 3

    chacharear informal
    cotorrear informal