Hay 2 traducciones principales de kid en Español

: kid1kid2


botija, n.

Pronunciación /kɪd/

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  • 1coloquial

    • 1.1(child)

      botija masculino, femenino Uruguay coloquial
      niño masculino
      niña femenino
      chaval masculino España, México coloquial
      chavala femenino España, México coloquial
      chavalo masculino América Central coloquial
      chavala femenino América Central coloquial
      escuincle masculino México coloquial
      escuincla femenino México coloquial
      pibe masculino Río de la Plata coloquial
      piba femenino Río de la Plata coloquial
      cabro masculino Chile coloquial
      cabra femenino Chile coloquial
      they've got two kids tienen dos hijos (or chavales etc.)
      • I loved swimming as a kid de pequeño me encantaba nadar
      • to be kid orkid's stuff estar tirado
      • my kid brother mi hermano menor / pequeño
      • Near me was sitting a woman with two kids - a toddler girl on her lap and a boy of about three next to her.
      • The two of us mothers were not sure if my boy kid and her girl kid would get along and go sledding while we skied, but we risked it.
      • Grateful kids at Whitmore Infant School in Basildon have been packing into the seated area since the structure went up.
      • I had forgotten how much fun really tiny kids are, particularly boys.
      • Just because someone is a baby, a little kid, a mere youngster, doesn't mean they're not worthy of protecting, does it?
      • If the family can afford to send just one of its kids to school, it will always choose the boy child.
      • There is a lot of interaction between boys and girls, rural kids and town kids and also the parents.
      • Jenny never could relate to the problems the other kids in school had with their parents.
      • I wanted to know what other kids at my school thought, particularly the girls.
      • Michael, then 4 and used to seeing foster kids come and go, bonded with the new baby.
      • When I was around ten years old, all the kids at school, including the boys, were getting their ears pierced.
      • My teeth are clenched even thinking about kids treating Franklin the way I watched them treat the kids in my school.
      • The government's policy of networking all schools should help overcome this problem by targeting the kids directly.
      • The balls are too heavy for smallish children, but school age and older kids are certain to enjoy the challenge.
      • I used to go to Sherington school, just over the way, and there's no way that many kids were driven to school when I was a nipper.
      • Children who were allowed fun food were the cool kids at school and their lunchboxes were always higher currency for swaps.
      • We are linking in with youth organisations, going into schools and letting kids know what the initiative is about.
      • He found it difficult to stick to the budget but more problematic was attempting to wean the kids off processed food.
      • If you went to private school before, say, 1980, it was probably because you were something of a problem child, or a kid with special needs.
      • If the child is unresponsive, use more parental interaction, change teachers, change schools, put the kid in special classes, whatever.

    • 1.2(young person)

      chico masculino
      chica femenino

  • 2

    • 2.1(goat)

      cabrito masculino
      cabrita femenino
      choto masculino
      chota femenino
      • He ignored the oxen like they did not exist and treated the goat kids like they were young colts.
      • The family's goat kids shared the dwelling so they wouldn't freeze to death in their first winter.
      • The Tamil original is sprinkled with evocative and lovely terms like poongkuttigal for goat kids.
      • Within the past fortnight he and his staff have helped deliver three lambs, and six African Pygmy goat kids.
      • But I think the only kind of kid I could manage to have is a goat kid.

    • 2.2(leather)

      cabritilla femenino
      • I pointed to a pair of wine-red kid leather Dolce & Gabbana pumps.
      • In her studio she showed us rich, Italian kid leathers, Florentine papers, artisanal glues and brushes.
      • The faces are made of silk or kid leather, molded and enhanced with embroidered or painted details.
      • Fine kid leather gloves often appear among the accoutrements of fashionable ladies.

Hay 2 traducciones principales de kid en Español

: kid1kid2


bromear, v.

verbo intransitivo kidding, kidded, kidded

  • 1

    don't get upset, I was only kidding no te pongas así, estaba bromeando / era en broma
    • At first I thought he was just kidding around, as did everyone else, but he was genuinely challenging the lecturers, at points raising his voice and even banging on the desk like a child that wasn't getting it's way.
    • He laughs again to show he's not posturing, he's kidding around.
    • He kids around, annoying Mike and amusing Frank.
    • Lanier, who was not kidding around, submitted this proposal to an international competition sponsored by the New York Times Magazine to build a time capsule that would preserve information for a thousand years.
    • ‘Carol,’ she said sternly, ‘we are not kidding around here.’

verbo transitivo kidding, kidded, kidded

  • 1

    tomar el pelo
    to kid sb (about sth) tomarle el pelo a algn (con algo)
    • My dad used to kid her and tease her about it on election day.
    • How I would kid him about all the air time and the praise he was getting.
    • I'm around other people's fathers and Ayesha's father used to tease me and Anya, Anya especially, and we kidded him right back.
    • I saw my friend and stopped to talk for a moment, kidding him about his posh attire (suit and tie - think he must've had an interview or something).
    • I've been kidding him for years now that this was where he would end up.
    • Over the years, you have stayed in touch, exchanged long phone calls and birthday cards and kidded him about marrying well.
    • He is kidded and cajoled by his three secret tormentors into approaching her at the bar and making a pitch.
    • And of course, he loved the drinking, to kid me about the drinking.
  • 2

    who do you think you're kidding? ¿a quién te crees que estás engañando?
    • you can't kid me it was just an oversight a mí no me vas a hacer creer que se te pasó por alto
    • you're kidding yourself if … te engañas si …
    • don't kid yourself! ¡no te hagas ilusiones!
    • stop kidding yourself! ¡desengáñate!