Traducción de kiddie en Español:


Pronunciación /ˈkɪdi/

nombreplural kiddies

  • 1

    • I think he gave very fair reasons and I fully understand them, I've got two young kiddies myself.
    • This is a great way to entertain the kiddies over the school holidays.
    • Old people too and mothers with babies and kiddies out shopping.
    • Politicians love schools because the kiddies are so photogenic and don't ask awkward questions.
    • Our house is next to a school - so all the little kiddies have to be negotiated as well.
    • Somewhere tonight, a sick kiddy will be smiling.
    • I felt this was a good time for him to go and spend time with his wife and his kiddy.
    • The local kiddies had a visit to a circus that set up in St. Brigid's Hall on Friday evening last.
    • Parents love taking kiddies to see him and get a present.
    • That first afternoon, at home with the cheesecake, these three kiddies appeared with flowers and ice cream.
    • The cleverer little kiddies figured out which keys worked the lock.
    • The circus pleased all the kiddies as well as parents for two days.
    • Now, I hear it every day, if not on TV, then from kiddies in the street.
    • So, a lesson for all of you kiddies out there: watch what you write if you're planning to author a book in the future.
    • Gather the kiddies around and force them into ridiculous poses for holiday card pictures.
    • An open-air barbecue, disco, live band and bouncing castle for kiddies was laid on for the guests.
    • While it was a great sporting and social event, it was also a fun family day out with lots of entertainment for the kiddies.
    • With so many single mums and the cost of daycare so high, it is a welcome relief to send the kiddies off to pre-school.
    • Gather round kiddies, old Grampa Shakey has a story to sing, a story about a town called Greendale.
    • We strolled around watching kiddies throw tantrums and people screaming on roller coasters.