There are 2 main translations of kind in Spanish

: kind1kind2


tipo, n.

Pronunciation /kaɪnd/ /kʌɪnd/

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  • 1

    (sort, type)
    • 1.1(of things)

      tipo masculine
      clase feminine
      of all kinds de todo tipo
      • what kind of house is it? ¿qué tipo de casa es?
      • I like the kind with walnuts in me gustan las/los que tienen nueces
      • it wasn't his kind of book no era el tipo de libro que le gusta
      • the usual kind of thing lo de siempre
      • and all that kind of thing y todo eso
      • what kind of talk is that? ¿qué forma de hablar es esa?
      • he has a business of some kind tiene un negocio de algo
      • I didn't say anything of the kind yo no dije nada semejante
      • it was your fault — nothing of the kind! fue culpa tuya — ¡en absoluto! / ¡nada de eso!
      • it's a difference in degree, not in kind es una diferencia cuantitativa y no cualitativa
      • It is one of those CD's that you want to keep playing and playing, the kind where you family tell you that they have heard it enough.
      • He didn't seem the kind of guy who would just get talking to a stranger.
      • We try to compensate for our natural sinfulness by performing good works of various kinds.
      • Two kinds of writing by Seth Godin gives some quick, focused tips on how to write for different audiences.
      • The kinds of wine and food served for a fine dining experience will depend on your budget.
      • Choose dark or whole-wheat bread over the white kind - likewise for rice and pasta.
      • We recognize four basic kinds of teeth in an individual's jaw, the incisors, canines, premolars, and molars.
      • Can people still motivate themselves to vote if they only see these two kinds of politicians?
      • On a nearby table lay several bottles of finger paint, like the kind used in elementary schools.
      • Mind you chips, not the edible kind, were the order of the night as the punters gambled like crazy to make their fortune.
      • Moreover, such approaches to assessment send students the message that higher education does not value certain kinds of thinking.
      • I will deal with the first kind of case in this section, and the second kind in the next section.
      • Oldham's Bangladeshi community enjoyed traditional music of a different kind as Scottish bagpipes entertained crowds in Westwood.
      • Healing activities of many kinds form a central part of their church life and are open to all.
      • The opening credits are accompanied by upbeat, jaunty music - the kind that usually signals a comedy is on the way.
      • I love all kinds of films, except the plotless kind with unconvincing acting, shoddy editing and duff music played on synths.
      • Students who have these kinds of experiences know many ways to learn almost anything!
      • Yoghurts, as we all know are often part of a dieter's menu, specifically the kind that are very reduced in fat content.
      • After the students have modeled both kinds of dinosaurs with their hands, have them locate both kinds of dinosaurs on the classification chart.
      • This is probably the busiest month in the year with music of all kinds dominating the action.

    • 1.2(of people)

      clase feminine
      tipo masculine
      she's not that kind of girl no es de esas
      • I can't stand that kind of person no aguanto a ese tipo de gente
      • I can't stand those kind of people no aguanto a ese tipo de gente
      • what kind of a fool do you take me for? ¿tú te crees que soy tonta?
      • what kind of (a) person is she? ¿qué tipo de persona es?
      • what kind of a father are you? ¿qué clase de padre eres?
      • she's the kind of person who knows what she wants es de las que saben lo que quieren
      • they're not really our kind of people no son gente como uno
      • he didn't even apologize — his kind never do ni siquiera se disculpó — los de su calaña nunca lo hacen

    • 1.3Games
      (in cards)

      three of a kind tres del mismo palo

  • 2

    (sth approximating to)
    especie feminine
    she was overcome by a kind of yearning la invadió una especie de añoranza
    • I had a kind of (a) feeling he'd be there presentía que iba a estar allí

There are 2 main translations of kind in Spanish

: kind1kind2


amable, adj.

adjective kinder, kindest

  • 1

    (offer/gesture) amable
    to be kind to sb
    he's very kind es muy buena persona
    • what a kind thought! ¡qué amabilidad!
    • she has a kind heart tiene buen corazón
    • In its most direct form, hospitality refers to a kindness to visitors: a friendly welcome and a kind or generous treatment offered to guests or strangers.
    • The Chaplain was kind and polite and tried his level best to be decent.
    • Ken, a reader and walker, has written a kind letter to me and has requested more routes south of York.
    • Miller wrote me back later and said he liked the column despite his initial harsh response - which was kind of him.
    • Think of how a kind word spoken at the right time, or a special card sent to someone lonely or hurting can lift their spirits.
    • And furthermore, he has mellowed a lot in his old age, and is very kind to everyone.
    • He was also very kind to all the livestock in his care.
    • He was the only one who had ever cared for her, who had ever spoken a kind word to her or bestowed a smile upon her.
    • While on the cruise ship, I take pictures of those who have been especially kind to me, as they make nice memories for my cruise album.
    • Well, when I came to Johannesburg from the countryside, I knew nobody, but many strangers were very kind to me.
    • Good natured, kind and generous, Mary Ellen was held in great regard by all in the community.
    • It has been mentioned also tonight, and my own experience has been that he really is that kind of a gentle man, a very kind man, with a good sense of humor.
    • Melissa, it's very kind of you to have given the dog a home, and given your husband the chance to have a dog.
    • So, I, being your benevolent, kind and generous friend, decided to get you a new cat for your birthday.
    • They didn't know me from Adam but they were so kind and considerate and generous despite their grief.
    • His friends mourned a kind and generous man as well as a great talent.
    • We had a wonderful time and his family and friends were kind and generous toward me.
    • Staff were really sweet and friendly, helpful, kind and generous.
    • Anne was well known for her beautiful and unusual flower gardens and her very kind and generous nature.
    • Here I have friends and kind neighbours - only one lives very near, the others at least six miles away.