Translation of kinetic in Spanish:


cinético, adj.

Pronunciation /kəˈnɛdɪk/ /kɪˈnɛtɪk/ /kʌɪˈnɛtɪk/


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    • We consider it far more likely that kinematic and kinetic aspects of forelimb motion coevolved.
    • For Wight, nature's timelessness transcends kinetic motion and the realm of the ticking clock.
    • However, the cybernetic approach requires kinetic information for all the reactions in the network.
    • Some of the kinetic parameters of these metastable forms have been characterized.
    • From the measurements thermodynamic and kinetic information can be derived.
    • This paper is a mini review of kinetic and kinematic evidence on the control of the hand with emphasis on grasping.
    • This implies a redundancy problem at both the kinematic and kinetic level.
    • In the next section the thermodynamic and kinetic feasibility of the symplastic transport pathway will be assessed.
    • Well, some people are visual, audial, or kinetic sensors, applying their preference to a broader stage.
    • The fight for Samarra was not won on completion of the kinetic phase of operations.
    • Therefore, the appearance of new bands in the rate spectra corresponds to new kinetic processes.
    • In classical physics, there are two types of energy: kinetic and potential.
    • These mixed dimers are formed with a kinetic coefficient that is half that determined for the native dimers.
    • So the quality is kinetic, not static; you have to see it moving, you can't stop it and get it.
    • According to kinetic molecular theory, pressure arises from the impact of gas molecules on container walls.
    • For a better understanding of the steps involved, we undertook their kinetic analysis under high pressure.
    • The management of energy transfer between its kinetic and potential forms requires complex control within the central nervous system.
    • The composition matrix is expected to represent the eigenvector matrix of the unknown kinetic matrix.
    • Thus, only few experimental studies of fast kinetic processes under high pressure are reported.
    • Finally, temperature, which affects the kinetic properties of the transport systems involved, also has to be taken into account.