Translation of kiss in Spanish:


besar, v.

Pronunciation /kɪs/

Definition of besar in Spanish

transitive verb

  • 1

    (with lips)
    (person) besar
    she kissed me on the lips me dió un beso / me besó en los labios / en la boca
    • they kissed (each other) se besaron
    • to kiss sb goodbye/goodnight darle un beso de despedida/de buenas noches a algn
    • They started to kiss, just lightly at first, and then with more passion.
    • The desire to kiss him again is almost overwhelming - but she can't ignore her own beliefs.
    • She closed her eyes once again as the man she loved hugged and kissed her one last time.
    • He never read me stories in bed, never kissed me goodnight, never cuddled me when I cried.
    • My true love kissed me goodbye, reminding me to put out some breadcrumbs later in the day.
    • She pushes him back to the ground and they kiss passionately in front of the fireplace.
    • I assume that in mixed sex greetings the man kisses the woman but you occasionally find women who do the kissing.
    • Saudis traditionally kiss the hands of royals as a sign of respect and loyalty when they visit.
    • We sleep in different bedrooms and he never tries to kiss me or touch me.
    • He lightly kisses my forehead and we make our way upstairs.
    • He then added that he put his arm around her waist and they kissed and caressed.
    • I loved you that day you first kissed me.
    • Should I tell him he's the most gorgeous guy alive and I've love to just kiss him?
    • Josh ran his hand along her brown hair, kissing her lightly on the crown of her head.
    • She draped her arms over Zach's and continued to kiss him, loving the soft caress of his lips on hers.
    • The old woman put a necklace around her grandchild's neck then kissed her forehead.
    • Her heart skipped a beat as it finally hit her that she was kissing the love of her life.
    • She had a very sweet, delicate kiss and when we would kiss it was with love, passion, and lots of good stuff went with it.
    • Will massaged the backs of her hands with his thumbs and then raised them to his lips and kissed them lightly.
    • He'd take her into his arms, confess that he was madly in love with her and kiss her passionately.
  • 2

    (touch lightly)
    • On a straight line two balls can kiss a ball in the centre, one on the left and one on the right.

intransitive verb

  • 1



  • 1

    (with lips)
    beso masculine
    to give sb a kiss darle un beso a algn
    • She then leaned back and they shared a deep, passionate kiss for a few seconds.
    • He never gave us a kiss or showed any affection at all.
    • As I lay on the couch that evening, I felt a touch on my forehead and a kiss on my cheek.
    • Suddenly someone pushed a cookie into my mouth, and then bombarded me with affectionate hugs and kisses.
    • She placed a kiss on his lips as the back of her fingers caressed his cheek.
    • I don't suppose you want to give me a farewell kiss do you?
    • Many were greeted with a kiss on both cheeks by our waitress - who, we presumed, was probably also proprietress or manageress.
    • Mia closed her eyes and savored it; it was one of the sweetest kisses of her life.
    • Nikolas pulled the sheet over them and brushed a kiss on her forehead.
    • Closing his eyes he allowed himself to enjoy the one thing he had denied himself far too long - her sweet kisses.
    • He returned the loving kiss with as much affection as I had given him.
    • Annette brushed a kiss on his cheek before she jumped out of the truck.
    • She leaned her head back and he let his kisses linger around her neck.
    • Unexpectedly to Sarah, Justin quickly leaned in and placed a soft, gentle kiss on her lips.
    • Lisa tilted her head back as he trailed butterfly kisses down her neck and across her jaw.
    • Even though their shared kiss lasted only a few seconds, everyone saw it.
    • They shared a long, passionate kiss at the very end of the movie before the credits began to roll.
    • He slowly smiled, caressing her cheek and then planting a small kiss on her lips.
    • They were both smiling as their lips met in a sweet, deep kiss.
    • There they lay for the rest of the afternoon, sharing sweet and tender kisses and talking about their future.
  • 2

    (light touch)
    roce masculine
    • Davis looked poised to grab another frame from a seemingly lost position only for a double kiss to scupper his comeback in the fifth frame.
    • Potting the white, or a double kiss, just like this.