Translation of knife in Spanish:


cuchillo, n.

Pronunciation /naɪf/ /nʌɪf/

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nounplural knives

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    cuchillo masculine
    (penknife) navaja feminine
    (penknife) cortaplumas masculine, feminine
    (dagger) puñal masculine
    he can't use a knife and fork no sabe usar los cubiertos
    • the Night of the Long Knives la Noche de los Cuchillos Largos
    • knife fight pelea con navajas (or cuchillos etc.)
    • He studied the padded envelope for a moment, before pulling out a pocket knife and cutting into one of the ends.
    • Take your sharpest serrated bread knife and cut the stick in half across the middle.
    • Jake was carrying a sharp kitchen knife from his grandmother's house.
    • My guts still feel like the surgeon's knife is still in them.
    • The homeowner and one suspect were treated for knife wounds at Lions Gate Hospital.
    • He received a number of stitches for knife wounds to his chest and arm.
    • Solomon put his knife and fork neatly by the side of his plate and sipped a glass of Chablis.
    • Research by restaurant chain Brewsters claims that a quarter of children under 11 eat with their fingers instead of using a knife or fork.
    • Toy or replica guns, cutlery, razor blades and knives of any length are forbidden.
    • Peel the grapefruit and, using a serrated knife, cut out individual sections so that no white pith remains.
    • Transfer the pizza to a firm surface and cut into slices, using a pizza cutter or very sharp knife.
    • When he returned, he did indeed have a butcher's knife in his hand.
    • Using a sharp knife, peel, core and slice the apples into thin wedges.
    • He had slit his wrist with a boy scout knife he had kept since childhood.
    • The fear of sharp instruments continued when I got to the restaurant - all knifes and forks are made from wood or plastic.
    • Almost every day evidence emerges in the courts of the lethal culture of knives and other sharp weapons that is infecting Britain.
    • As well as the heroin they found cannabis, cash and a number of weapons, including firearms, a sword and knives.
    • The club has also introduced hand-held metal detectors for knives and other weapons.
    • The murder weapon, a knife, was discovered on the passenger seat of his car earlier this afternoon.
    • However, other weapons, including knives and meat cleavers, were discovered at the scene.
    • Both occupants, believed to be armed with a gun and a small knife or machete, escaped on foot and were still at large last night.

transitive verb

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