Translation of kosher in Spanish:


kosher, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈkoʊʃər/ /ˈkəʊʃə/

See Spanish definition of legítimo


  • 1

    (food/butcher) (invariable adjective) kosher
    • That's when you combine kosher salt, brown sugar, juniper berries, and a lot of water.
    • But my mother was worried about how she would feed and care for four kids who could eat only kosher food.
    • Or, scrub the pot with half a lemon sprinkled with kosher salt, and rinse thoroughly.
    • They visit the kitchens to certify that the food is kosher, that is, cooked in accordance with Jewish law.
    • KosherPets was founded by a Florida couple who started feeding kosher meat to their dog for health reasons.
    • The Army lost all the kosher food I'd brought with me, and my wife had to work hard back in the States just to make sure I was fed.
    • For kosher meat, Kashrut law stipulates that all meat must be consumed within 72 hours of slaughter.
    • Then he added it to a bowl with cayenne pepper, kosher salt, and brown sugar.
    • No less a part of Jewish tradition than kosher food or circumcision, faith in the coming of the Messiah is a central pillar of Judaism.
    • Now, thank God, we have two beautiful Jewish children attending Jewish day school, keep Shabbat and have a kosher kitchen.
    • Animals killed for Muslim halal and Jewish kosher meat are exempt from the rule that ensures all animals are stunned before being slaughtered.
    • Sara Goldstein, of Long Island, New York, has the added requirement of finding kosher foods suitable for her Weight Watchers diet.
    • Paul and James soon came into conflict as Paul gradually dropped the basic Jewish ceremonies and rituals, such as the eating of kosher foods and the circumcision.
    • Being hungry, I stopped at the cafeteria and asked if they had kosher food.
    • Having placed their beliefs and trust in the national union, Jewish students expected, as promised, their religious requirements of kosher food to be met.
    • Since customers would normally assume the meat is kosher, the defect must be revealed to all customers, even non-Jewish ones, to avoid misleading them.
    • An American film crew, with Jewish producers, ‘just happened’ to be in post-production at the time, and they insisted on kosher food.
    • The soldier related that he was assigned to a remote base where there were no Jewish soldiers, no religious services, no kosher food and where it was impossible to keep Shabbat or any mitzvah at all.
    • ‘Our wedding meal was the first kosher food we ever ate,’ recalled Sarah years later.
    • The center, which prepares kosher food for needy Jews, occupies the ground floor of a five-story residential building.
  • 2 informal

    (genuine, legitimate)
    legal informal
    • I've talked to real witch hunters, kosher ones, who spent years and years going through real witchcraft trial evidence in France to see what the real witches were like but a lot of them were male.
    • I know this isn't kosher, this isn't how you're supposed to read books!
    • ‘I recognised from the beginning that it wasn't kosher,’ she told the inspectors.
    • Yet I had always felt something wasn't quite kosher.
    • Something else about his movements wasn't kosher.
    • Despite its widespread popularity among Florida's politicians, the bond cap statute was not entirely kosher from a constitutional point of view.


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    kosher masculine