There are 2 main translations of lab in Spanish

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laboratorio, n.

Pronunciation /læb/ /lab/

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    laboratorio masculine
    science/language lab laboratorio de ciencias/idiomas
    • lab tests pruebas de laboratorio
    • We can get different types of mice for our lab experiments until we run out of names for them.
    • A friend who also used to work at the Help Desk ran into me at one of the campus labs one evening.
    • Let me describe the sort of experiment that's being done in a lot of labs right now.
    • There is no doubt that the number of residential hydroponic labs is on the increase.
    • All the lab equipment is up for grabs or a whole lab could be adopted and named after a company or founder.
    • Further remodelling and improvement to the science labs is due to take place this term.
    • We test white mice and worms in labs and we do experiments on sheep and monkeys.
    • I knew that was why they always told us not to eat or drink in the science labs.
    • In December the upper school was hit when arsonists set fire to the science lab.
    • The lab has been compiling data from primary care workers and hospital labs in Scotland.
    • We begin at a real crime scene, move through the forensic labs and a morgue, and end in a courtroom.
    • The leak occurs when animal rights activists break into the lab and free the lab's chimps.
    • If you think that isn't cool enough, my dad studies viruses for the medical lab in Atlanta.
    • The debate about cloning is about scientists trying to create clones in a lab from an adult animal or human.
    • The secondary students at GIS are enjoying their science lessons in new science labs.
    • The protesters believe that any action that results in the saving of animals from the labs is justified.
    • The samples are tested each month in Ministry labs but at the city's expense.
    • We all braced ourselves for the shrill scream of an alarm when Joseph hurled a brick at the window of one of the science labs.
    • She added that during the operation a number of labs, explosives caches and other materiel had been seized.
    • In the new building we all lost touch with each other as we disappeared into labs and offices separated by miles of corridors.

There are 2 main translations of Lab in Spanish

: lab1Lab2


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    • I bought this Black Lab for my five year old granddaughter.
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