Translation of lachrymose in Spanish:


lloroso, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈlækrəˌmoʊs/ /ˈlækrəˌmoʊz/ /ˈlakrɪməʊs/ /ˈlakrɪməʊz/

Definition of lloroso in Spanish


  • 1literary

    (person/complaint/tone) lloroso
  • 2derogatory, literary

    lacrimógeno derogatory
    • He now almost disappears from the story, the rest of which relates, with lachrymose sentiment and many frissons of horror (including a hint of necrophilia), the misfortunes and eventual joys of young Melvil and Monimia.
    • ‘Surely,’ he wrote, ‘it is time to break with the lachrymose theory of pre-Revolutionary woe, and to adopt a view more in accord with historic truth.’