Translation of lack in Spanish:


falta, n.

Pronunciation /læk/ /lak/

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  • 1

    falta feminine
    carencia feminine
    lack of sth falta de algo
    formal carencia de algo
    • Jagger's conclusions are similar: ‘There is a shocking lack of evidence in this case,’ she says.
    • The Iowa straw poll is just another example of the general lack of enthusiasm for the GOP field.
    • Much of the country is suffering severe lack of water, and the small quantities supplied are not good for human use.
    • Murray Iddles says it is a kick in the guts to see industry only contributing $10,000 to the scheme which has now been closed by Growcom due to the lack of support.
    • Our complete lack of focus (among many other things) contributed to our ultimate demise.

transitive verb

  • 1

    no tener
    carecer de formal
    it lacks originality le falta / no tiene originalidad
    • she lacks confidence no tiene confianza en sí misma
    • he doesn't lack enthusiasm entusiasmo no le falta
    • he lacks a sense of purpose no tiene rumbo en la vida
    • what she lacks in intelligence she makes up for in enthusiasm lo que no tiene de inteligente, lo tiene de entusiasta
    • The Court noted that mediation was mandatory, the controversy was one covered by the statute and, as a result, the courts lacked subject matter jurisdiction to hear the dispute.
    • April and May brought daily news reports quoting U.S. military officers saying they lacked the manpower to do their jobs.
    • We liked the politics of that strategy - for instance, trying to overhaul Social Security and immigration - but it was clear it lacked traction in Congress.
    • Auditors also found that the District at times lacked documentation to indicate whether spending was done for legitimate school purposes.
    • I consider health policies that were implemented in New Zealand in the 1990s, the reaction among the public to liberalization policies, and the reasons why the market lacked public legitimacy.
    • Fifty-eight sparkling runs in the first innings were rendered inconsequential by a rash sweep-shot, and his captaincy lacked the imagination he had shown in the summer
    • More than one in three veterans under age 25 lacked health coverage, as did one in seven veterans age 25 to 44 and one in ten veterans age 45 to 65.
    • In addition, this official explained, the information lacks context and does not prioritize threats.
    • At the same time, however, millions of people lack such coverage, and policymakers have proposed a range of approaches for expanding health insurance coverage.
    • Company executives will not lack for feedback about how they are doing.
    • This case hardly lacks for bizarre elements.
    • What they lack in experience they make up for in attitude.