Traducción de laconic en Español:


lacónico, adj.

Pronunciación /ləˈkɑnɪk/ /ləˈkɒnɪk/

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    • He spoke in an unfeasibly low voice, with the lyrical and laconic speech so typical of the Jamaicans.
    • The problem is likely to be, at least in part, Hilberg's laconic style.
    • In contrast to the laconic style of most garage MCs, Mills rhymes in a startling, panicked yelp.
    • Costner's laconic style works for Charley, who is intended to be someone who doesn't show a lot of emotion.
    • Her beaming presence and laconic style are likeable and lifelike enough.
    • This book is perhaps the best introduction to the Pali texts, with their peculiarly meticulous and laconic style.
    • This interpretation was then bolstered by Tacitus' dry laconic wit and Lucretius' pagan atomism.
    • Wielding batons, they looked like versions of Robocop minus the laconic wit and intelligence chip.
    • McCarthy did thrive on television, where his laconic, relaxed style showed off to best effect.
    • Brazil's broadcasting style is calm and laconic, overlaid with a sporadic bullying streak towards the polite Beecroft.
    • His laconic intellect and twinkling eye will never be forgotten by those who knew him.
    • Ella and Joe do not remark on this departure from his usual laconic monosyllables.
    • The language in the book is terse and concise, almost laconic, and very much to the point.
    • Is Australia's comic style too laconic to fit the rapid-fire style of a classic screwball?
    • He's nothing if not honest, blunt, irascible, generous, laconic, witty and enigmatic.
    • Barthes's writing has always fed controversy: its laconic pronouncements irritate those who hold other views.
    • The dialogue, though, is chanted in a peculiarly laconic way.
    • Becky's a laconic but never sarcastic presence in the film, commenting on Paul's life with absolute confidence and a great deal of compassion.
    • Ian had a self - deprecating sense of humour, perfect comic timing and laconic delivery which never failed to puncture the pretentious.
    • In David McPhail's hands, George is laconic, with an embittered acceptance of an underachieving life.