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lactancia, n.

Pronunciación /lækˈteɪʃ(ə)n/ /lakˈteɪʃ(ə)n/

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    lactancia femenino
    • Mammary glands during lactation were excised from two swh/swh and two swh / + females on the day of their delivery.
    • Such features may vary according to whether the patient was pregnant, lactating, or had recently terminated her pregnancy or lactation at the time of surgical excision.
    • From here it was an easy step for early modern suspicion to extend to all female bodily fluids: tears, menstruation, lactation.
    • Nutrition plays a major role in pregnancy and lactation.
    • To induce lactation, the milk ducts of the breasts must be stimulated.
    • Fluctuating hormone levels, particularly during puberty or menopause, may also cause lactation.
    • Their projections of lactation capability are often based on the assumption that any lactation is full lactation; that is, if a woman has any milk at all, she has a full milk supply.
    • Reduced DMI impacts the amount and duration of negative energy balance in early lactation, subsequent milk production and reproduction, and economic value.
    • Whether we measure bushels of grain per acre for row crops, pounds of gain per day for livestock, or liters of milk per lactation for dairy cows, innovation in agriculture has been dramatic.
    • Remarkably, the females give birth at this time of year; nursing sifaka mothers produce very dilute milk and thus lose significant amounts of water during lactation.
    • As lactation continues it turns pink because it's very high in iron, and then later in lactation the milk is so thick it's almost like the thickest cream and you cannot even get it up in a pipette.
    • The period that she produces milk for them is called lactation.
    • Domperidone may increase the secretion of prolactin, a hormone that is needed for lactation.
    • Consider, for example, dairy cows with first and second lactation milk yield records.
    • And probably that reflects the fact that these women, if they are good at long time lactating, probably will eat more to keep that lactation going.
    • Adoptive mothers should be counseled on the benefits of induced lactation through hormonal therapy or mechanical stimulation.
    • James's breed leader was the home bred second calver Winton Gibson Pamela which produced 9,000 litres of milk in her last lactation.
    • These gaps close by the second week of lactation.
    • Although milk production decreased during early lactation, PPI and pregnancy rate were not influenced by treatment.
    • The pregnant woman accumulates fat during pregnancy to guarantee fetal development and lactation.