Translation of ladder in Spanish:


escalera (de mano), n.

Pronunciation /ˈlædər/ /ˈladə/

See Spanish definition of liga


  • 1

    escalera (de mano) feminine
    aerial ladder escalera giratoria
    • turntable ladder escalera giratoria
    • You run around climbing ladders, shimmying across ropes and running from one platform to another, collecting gems while avoiding the bad guys.
    • Leaves in different parts of the canopy were accessed with ladders, climbing ropes, and a hydraulic lift, to facilitate photosynthetic measurements with hand-held instruments.
    • Entrance for the others by means of climbing ropes or ladders over the wall would be possible, but they needed a quick exit route, and hoped to be carrying Grenwald, bound and gagged as they left.
    • There are fixed ropes, ladders and even rudimentary staircases cut into the hard snow, leading to the main route being dubbed a ‘yak track’.
    • The time it takes to climb a rope or scale a ladder leaves soldiers highly vulnerable to attack.
    • When your foot was on the roof, you had to transfer your weight from the ladder to the roof and then step off the ladder fully.
    • He had brought all the necessary tools for scaling a wall: ladders, ropes, even a sort of high platform they could wheel next to the wall.
    • This leads to a series of climbs facilitated by aluminium ladders and fixed ropes.
    • Resting there, miraculously, was a ladder, the rusting metal kind, like the fire escapes on apartments.
    • We climbed the old wooden ladder to the loft.
    • Climbing wire rope ladders in a wet or dry suit requires good technique and plenty of stamina.
    • Vincent climbed down the rusty fire escape ladder and leapt down to the unpaved cobblestone street below.
    • They spent more than 11 hours containing the blaze and used a turntable ladder to douse it from above.
    • A set of wooden ladders led up to the nearest entrance to the cave system.
    • The wooden ladder led the young men to an attic.
    • I need a tall step ladder to change a light bulb.
    • As the engines stopped, the firefighters cleared my pilot to shut down and to lower the boarding ladder.
    • The hastily lowered ladder leaned at the back, looking as though it would come crashing down at any moment.
    • And that forced me to get even higher up on the rickety ladder.
    • Raul turned away angrily, climbing back up the ladder to middle deck.
  • 2

    • 2.1(scale)

      the social ladder la escala social
      • the promotion ladder el escalafón
      • you have to start at the bottom of the ladder hay que empezar desde abajo
      • another step up the ladder to fame otro peldaño en la escalera hacia la fama

    • 2.2British Sport

      liga feminine

  • 3British

    (in stocking, tights)
    carrera feminine
    • She's a social climber with ladders in her stockings but a good heart.
    • In our house, a clear-out involves binning the odd pair of tights with more ladders than Bob The Builder, or removing a bunch of long-dead flowers from a vase.
    • They had to be mended by hand or taken to one of shops in the city where a young woman repaired ladders in silk stockings using a special stand and hook.
    • The list is as long as a ladder in a pair of tights.
    • By the time I've yanked on my stockings and managed to rip a ladder in them, I know it's going to be a brilliant day.

transitive verb

  • 1

    to ladder one's stockings hacerse una carrera en las medias

intransitive verb

  • 1

    my tights have laddered se me ha hecho una carrera en las medias