Translation of ladyship in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈleɪdiˌʃɪp/ /ˈleɪdɪʃɪp/


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    Her/Your Ladyship la señora
    • His actress wife, known respectfully as Her Ladyship, is kind but baffled.
    • I pause there, your Honours, to say, with the greatest respect to her Ladyship, that is, in fact, a very crucial observation.
    • Her Ladyship added that ‘a number of new requests were subsequently made by the Rochamel Development.’
    • I wasn't sure whether Her Ladyship would accept my proposal, and it rather unravelled my nerves.
    • There's no one in the whole of London who will disagree with the fact that Her Ladyship is a virago, plain and simple.
    • I merely tried to deliver a letter to Her Ladyship, as an elevated person charged me to do.
    • Dinner was announced, we sat ourselves down at the silver-laden candle-lit table, Her Ladyship played five-finger exercises of conversation at the far end of the table, His Lordship and I discussed business at the other.
    • This, whispers Her Ladyship, is where Her Majesty the Queen brings her most distinguished dinner guests for their postprandial entertainment.
    • Sounding like a harpy from the barricades of Paris, Her Ladyship preached wholesale war on Dukes and Earls.
    • Her Ladyship held that constructive knowledge, in the sense that the customer had the means of knowledge, was not enough.
    • ‘Your Ladyship,’ he began, stammering uncontrolledly, ‘Your Ladyship, I have just received some dire news.’
    • I'll see if His Grace is up yet, Your Ladyship.
    • The dining lounge has been prepared, will her Ladyship and the gentleman be joining you?
    • Your Honours will see at page 731 that in the part of the reasons that goes from a through to g, her Ladyship discusses the fact that the authorities amply illustrate there is no approach which is free from difficulty.
    • It was most vexing, especially, when her Ladyship turned in Kathleen's direction to speak, placing Kathleen in the most uncomfortable disposition.
    • I was privileged to dine with the family and sat across from her Ladyship and on the right of Lord Donovan.
    • Perhaps we could come to some arrangement, your Ladyship.
    • ‘I'll help you sort her Ladyship out,’ he said with a sigh. ‘Where is she?’
    • However, when Katherine arrived at the palace for the first party of the season, she could not discover her Ladyship among the many elegant ladies crowding the ball room.
    • Your Ladyship's judgment is clear, and what I do not propose to do is to run through the arguments already heard in front of you, which are recorded clearly in the judgment.