Traducción de laggard en Español:


rezagado, n.

Pronunciación /ˈlæɡərd/ /ˈlaɡəd/


  • 1

    rezagado masculino
    rezagada femenino
    • Among the laggards, General Electric fell 2 percent, as did Merck.
    • The drivers in the long line of traffic that builds up behind these laggards get frustrated and so their driving becomes more dangerous.
    • And if we don't innovate, if we are averse to taking risks in the area of innovation, we won't be around in the future because the expense ratios will drop so much, it will leave the laggards behind and they'll lose market share.
    • Yes, I mean to date Germany and Japan have been real laggards, far behind countries out there like Thailand, South Africa, Poland.
    • Greenpeace corporate environmental campaigner Monica Richter says Greenpeace will be asking Australia's biggest companies how they measure up on the issues so it could separate the progressives from the laggards.
    • That's leaving laggards such as Fujitsu and Toshiba further behind.
    • President Bush argues that civil-service regulations are outmoded and that national security will be enhanced if the secretary of Homeland Security can punish laggards and reward talent.
    • These ‘old’ Europe societies, far from being the front-runners, are in so many ways the laggards in handling the global challenges of the 21st century.
    • Instead of naming and shaming laggards, the European Commission is urging national governments and parliaments to take charge of the economic reform agenda and appoint national bodies to accelerate change.
    • Supervisors who improved community safety and prisoner reintegration would be rewarded; the laggards would not.
    • The government has an array of annual gifts and exemptions that taxpayers can use to reduce their bills and boost their investments, but laggards need to act fast.
    • As a result Britain has slipped down every league table of international competitiveness to rest with the laggards of continental Europe.
    • Without faster change, Italy is bound to fall further behind, becoming a potential drag on the already-depressed euro while former laggards such as Spain, Ireland, and Finland surge ahead.
    • Granted, hard-core globalization critics were skeptical from the start because the Compact lacked a rigorous system for monitoring corporate behavior and punishing laggards.
    • It is a competitive world and the laggards will have to rue their complacency.
    • In golf, he notes, statistics show that ‘in the final round of play, the tournament leaders improved their score more than did the laggards.’
    • Yet other pioneers such as France and the Netherlands had tighter regulations for the practice of law, in the case of France a system virtually identical to that of the laggards Belgium and Italy.
    • Canada leads the laggards with emissions growth at 20 percent from 1990 although it has committed to a 6 percent reduction by 2012.
    • The typical changeover takes 18 months to complete, so the pressure is now on laggards to get their house in order before the transition period runs out on December 31 next year.
    • But few people realize how long it will take before these directors get up to speed, change a corporate culture, and, if necessary, sweep out the laggards.