Translation of lair in Spanish:


guarida, n.

Pronunciation /lɛr/ /lɛː/

Definition of guarida in Spanish


  • 1

    guarida feminine
    • He would build his own dens from what was available or send his female accomplice out to look for empty animal lairs.
    • There he saw that his dogs had roused a wild boar from its lair, and he set off on a chase.
    • We aren't too deep in the forest, and more often than not, the wild beasts do not come this far out from their lairs and dens.
    • If she hesitates, the male again pops in and out of his lair until she is finally tempted inside.
    • So dark would it be that the birds would return to their nests, while nocturnal animals would emerge from their lairs.
    • A musky smell hangs in the air-not unpleasant, but more suggestive of a mammal's lair than a bird's nest.
    • Trips to refuges like Montezuma or Jamaica Bay are revelatory, but ultimately, we're trespassers, traipsing callously through the beasts' lairs.
    • Wild beasts from the surrounding forests used it as their lair.
    • Rabbits and foxes took to their burrows and lairs and were killed.
    • Bilbo enters the dragon's lair, and steals a golden cup for them.