Translation of lakeside in Spanish:


a orillas de un lago, n.

Pronunciation /ˈleɪkˌsaɪd/ /ˈleɪksʌɪd/


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    (cottage) (before noun) a orillas de un lago
    (cottage) (before noun) ribereño
    by the lakeside a orillas del lago
    • The solution is to take the sewage away from the lake or the lakeside, and to change the land use.
    • When longtime friends gather for a weekend at a lakeside cabin, you know there's going to be trouble.
    • I haven't bought a CD in six months, it's taken these boys to tempt me back from my lakeside log cabin.
    • We'll return to Pokhara and its beautiful lakeside bazaar and Kathmandu.
    • The world of the kid at the sleepaway camp, as well as the city gal at the summer lakeside resort, doesn't exist anymore.
    • It's too much of a working town, with little of that old lake magic; only the eastern lakeside suburb of Suna still has a villagey feel.
    • The lake will be cleaned up and sediment removed and the lakeside landing stage and terrace will be repaired.
    • The lake has several exceptional lakeside resorts, along with eight developed public campgrounds.
    • Sprawl and malls are filling in the vacant lots and woodlands where we used to play; rivers and streams are culverted, channelized, and barren; and the coasts, lakesides, and mountains are spotted with trophy homes and locked gates.
    • At the lakeside beaches, lifeguards are on duty at least part of the day.
    • James and I walked for a while quietly until we came to a lakeside beach.
    • I have included a rare picture, for this series, of one of the steamers just coming to land at Stock on the lakeside.
    • There is increasing concern that swimmers are ignoring warnings to stay out of dangerous waters, and in some areas vandals are removing critical lifesaving equipment from lakesides.
    • Access is certainly an important issue: as the Task Force heard, Nova Scotians feel very strongly that we all have the right to enjoy our seacoasts and lakesides.
    • We were lucky to have a lakeside house when we grew up.
    • His liberal-minded father tolerated his restlessness and arranged for him to work with the forest warden in a lakeside area outside Vienna.
    • In the morning when the golden sunshine touches the snow-white peaks, thin smoke begins to rise over the tents by the lakeside.
    • The opportunity shop supports every community group in Paynesville, so every cent will stay in the small lakeside town.
    • Charming, elegant and historic, the Baur au Lac occupies a prime lakeside position in one of Europe's cleanest and safest cities.
    • It's time peace returned to the tranquil lakeside track and people there started working together for the benefit of all.