Traducción de landau en Español:


landó, n.

Pronunciación /ˈlænˌdaʊ/ /ˈlandɔː/ /ˈlaʊ/

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    landó masculino
    • So you can visit the faded but still fun Dr Who experience, or ride down the sea front on a horse-drawn landau.
    • Mr Smith had 30 horses, which were stabled on the upper floor of the building, and a fleet of wagonettes, gigs, landaus, hearses, wedding and mourning coaches, which entered by a ramp at the front entrance.
    • The Royal Procession, started by George IV in 1825, is steeped in history, and involves landaus, light carriages used for short distances, the first of which was made in 1838.
    • The landaus are lightweight open carriages, with facing seats and low bodywork which enables a clear view of the passengers.
    • I am not being drawn into a slanging match with the defenders of horse-drawn landaus on Blackpool Prom.
    • Accompanied by the Duke of Edinburgh, she made her entrance to the main arena at the show in Ardingly, West Sussex, in a horse-drawn landau flanked by members of the King's Troop.
    • Mervont slapped his hands on Rodlian's shoulders and climbed to the front seat of the landau, pulling on the reins of the pair horse.
    • He built a carriage with a convertible top that ‘was smiled at by his friends and sneered at by his enemies,’ but, as she noted, landaus were a common sight on American roads not long after his death.
    • ‘The Royal Mews is planning to take four Ascot landaus, 24 grey horses and all the necessary staff north,’ said Mr Wilkie.
    • Today's historic rehearsal saw two Ascot landaus and nine horses, based at the Royal Mews, Buckingham Palace, gently wind their way down six furlongs.
    • At York, the carriage ride will be briefer but a lot noisier, as the Ascot landaus make their way past stands crowded with up to 56,000 race-goers.
    • In the grand finale to the show Mr Bourne-Arton and his wife Gillian were driven from the main ring in a landau pulled by two black Friesian horses after handing over his staff of office to Lord Hotham, whose home is in East Yorkshire.
    • A courtesan arrives in a landau drawn by water buffalo; a bathtub is also a relic of a convict's escape.
    • I must decline the offer of spending a day on the busy promenade with a landau as I would find the experience far too upsetting.
    • The fashionably dressed churchgoers are returning from Matins, several of them in a landau.
    • For the Queen arriving in an open landau at the Saskatchewan Legislature it's no problem.
    • Queen Margrethe of Denmark and Queen Silvia of Sweden followed in the second Ascot landau with the Prince of Wales and the Duke of York.