Translation of landfill in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈlæn(d)ˌfɪl/ /ˈlan(d)fɪl/


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    entierro de residuos
    • Waste disposal by landfill accounts for over 80% of municipal waste in Britain.
    • It suggests increased recycling, composting and diversion of waste away from landfill sites through alternative methods of waste management.
    • This damage to our environment can be a direct result of improper disposal of such waste materials in landfill sites or directly into our water supply i.e. flushing medicines down the toilet.
    • There are but two types of waste demanding collection, and disposal at landfill sites, or controversially lately at incineration plants.
    • Bergin Waste Disposal is the Ballaghdreen based waste contractor operating this initiative in a drive to encourage more recycling and less waste disposal to landfill.
    • Disposal of domestic and industrial waste in landfill sites may expose local residents to dioxins and other chemicals.
    • The initiative was part of European Week for Safety and Health at Work, which focused this year on the risk posed by toxic chemicals that leak when mobile phones and batteries are buried in landfill sites.
    • Maybe it's time for local authorities to start up umbrella recycling schemes to return these instruments of torture to point of sale or, preferably, to bury them deep in landfill sites instead.
    • Some of the three million domestic refrigerators which are discarded every year in the UK used to be exported for re-use, re-conditioned or buried in landfill sites.
    • Most are buried in landfill sites, where they can take hundreds of years to degrade, but many litter urban areas, the countryside and the sea, where they can become a major hazard for wildlife.
    • The latest details come a week after it was revealed that 1,300 tonnes of paper, cans and plastic bottles have been buried in landfill sites.
    • Mr Appleby said many changes were coming in - and these included banning the disposal of tyres at landfill sites unless they are shredded.
    • He expected DIY shops and paint companies would donate unwanted stock, saving them the cost of paying for disposal at landfill sites.
    • The Director points out that the high cost of landfill disposal together with increased collection costs meant the increases were necessary.
    • The Guildhall is facing Government targets to double the amount of recycled waste by 2004 and to cut the city's reliance on landfill disposal.
    • We are all aware that landfill disposal causes water pollution and produces methane gas, causing climate change.
    • A similar survey carried out by IBEC in 1999 showed the average cost of disposing of a ton of waste to landfill was approximately £60.
    • Green campaigners say kerbside recycling is the best way to reduce landfill instead of garbage-guzzling waste plants.
    • In addition, he said the Government has imposed a landfill tax on the disposal of each ton of material at landfill.
    • These figures suggest that Sligo County Council are at present succeeding in diverting 80% of all domestic refuse away from landfill.