Translation of landing craft in Spanish:

landing craft

lancha de desembarco, n.


Military Nautical
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    lancha de desembarco feminine
    • Upon crossing the Sound to Port Howard, the troops climbed into an Army landing craft to be ferried to a nearby beach.
    • Many more never made it ashore because the landing craft beached too far out, and they drowned under the weight of the equipment they carried.
    • The first landing craft landed military vehicles that were subsequently damaged by mines.
    • Logistics ship RFA Sir Percivale lowered a landing craft which towed the fishing boat to shallow water.
    • Insufficient LVTs meant that back-up troops had to be ferried ashore in landing craft.
    • Flooding of the docking area is achieved by ballasting the stern of the ship, allowing the landing craft to float.
    • The landing craft carrying the troops were meant to be lined up behind gun-boats.
    • The tanks and equipment were loaded in Darwin and the landing craft headed for Gawa arriving on November 6.
    • Petrified soldiers bouncing through the sea in their landing craft towards the D-Day beaches must have been thinking the same too.
    • My problem is that the film should start with the GIs leaving the landing craft and hitting the beach and finish with the assault on the German bunker.
    • I had to do this while wearing battledress still soaked with seawater from when I waded ashore from the landing craft.
    • He was lifted off the beach in a medical landing craft and flown back to England.
    • Jack saw action during the landing at Dove Bay in New Guinea and also on the Sepik River when his landing craft was hit by heavy enemy fire.
    • One by one, the landing craft approached the shore and lowered their loading ramps.
    • Then I catch glimpses of a diver two feet in front of me tying a huge yellow floatation bag onto a sunken landing craft.
    • The low humming from the engine of our landing craft was just audible over the chatter of the diggers she carried.
    • The unexpected loss of these vehicles forced logisticians to unload landing craft and clear the beaches by hand.
    • Many men were killed, especially at V Beach, where the improvised landing craft, the transport River Clyde, had been run ashore.
    • Other shallow wrecks in the area accessible at slack water include a variety of smaller Mulberry components and an infantry landing craft.
    • The warship sent away a landing craft to pick up the sailors in the water.