Translation of landslide in Spanish:


derrumbamiento de tierras, n.

Pronunciation /ˈlæn(d)ˌslaɪd/ /ˈlan(d)slʌɪd/


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    derrumbamiento de tierras masculine
    derrumbe de tierras masculine
    desprendimiento de tierras masculine
    • Kelvin slid down the muddy slope, a landslide of earth, rock and ferns pushing him to the foot of the rise.
    • Flash flooding caused bridges to collapse and landslides are blocking roads to devastated coastal villages.
    • Troops were deployed in helicopters after landslides and collapsed buildings blocked roads.
    • ‘Rainfall in the mountains means landslides and flooding in the valleys,’ he says.
    • The team will have to ford huge rivers, canyons and crevices and dodge landslides and rock falls.
    • Nicola found herself dodging death as she made her way down Dooncarton Mountain with the landslides tumbling down either side of her.
    • He pushes that stone which starts a landslide and the whole mountain crumbles and flows into the sea.
    • Over the course of time, landslides, rock movement, and vegetation hid the entrances to the other catacombs.
    • These rains are triggering massive landslides and building collapses.
    • The same can be said of rock falls and landslides.
    • Rock and landslides have also occurred in other townships in the county as well as in Taichung County, blocking the traffic.
    • All landslides are therefore forms of mass movement, but not all mass movements are landslides.
    • It was also feared that two fishermen were killed when rocks from a landslide fell on their camp at Rocky Bay on the island of Bequia.
    • The doctors thought he had been in some sort of a landslide or a building collapse.
    • Many of the landslips and landslides, and the silt that has covered paddocks, are not covered by any form of insurance.
    • In Hocheng district, a remote mountain area, 600 pigs were buried under landslides up to 3m deep.
    • There are deep gashes in the roads; some are still blocked by landslides and a major road tunnel to the town has collapsed.
    • As the melting ice weakens the mountains, Switzerland is already experiencing more rockfalls, landslides, and mudflows, but things could get much worse.
    • Last Tuesday, a record 37 inches of rain fell, and that triggered collapsed buildings and landslides.
    • Torrential rains yesterday collapsed roads and triggered landslides in central Taiwan but failed to relieve the drought in the north.
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    victoria aplastante feminine
    victoria arrolladora feminine
    (majority) (before noun) aplastante
    (majority) (before noun) abrumador
    (victory) aplastante
    (victory) arrollador
    • I maintain that if any mainstream political party were to embrace the above they would win the next General Election by a landslide.
    • The NLD won the 1990 general election by a landslide but has since been blocked from coming to power.
    • He also inaugurated his own War on Poverty, winning the 1964 election by a landslide.
    • A dead George Washington would win by a landslide against any opposing candidate.
    • He was imprisoned a year before the NLD won a landslide election victory in 1990 only to be denied power by the generals.
    • He won a landslide election victory earlier this year on the themes of clean government and a more tolerant society.
    • In other words, Labour would have had a landslide election victory in 1997 even if no tactical vote had been cast.
    • As a direct result, the Labor government was defeated by a landslide in the 1996 elections.
    • He lost the May 15 election by a landslide in rural and urban areas of Ethiopia.
    • Labour looks set to secure a landslide election victory, according to a snap poll in Bolton.
    • His landslide election victories, and his personal popularity in Middle England, made him look unassailable.
    • For example, the 1928 election was a landslide victory for the Republicans.
    • He was swept to power as prime minister in 2001 in a landslide election victory.
    • He acted more like a despot after his landslide election victory in 1997.
    • But now we have a Labour Party which actually wins elections - two landslides in a row - and has become very much the party of government.
    • His popularity ensured he won by a landslide in the 1998 presidential elections.
    • After that, she stood for the school board elections, and won by a landslide.
    • There is no need to recount where one candidate has won by a landslide.
    • But despite his remorseless pursuit, the talks died with Labour's second election landslide victory.
    • He won by a landslide in the second round of a secret ballot, defeating four other candidates.