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lenguaje, n.

Pronunciación /ˈlæŋɡwɪdʒ/ /ˈlaŋɡwɪdʒ/

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  • 1

    (speech, means of communication)
    lenguaje masculino
    the language of gesture el lenguaje gestual / de los gestos
    • language acquisition adquisición del lenguaje
    • After spoken language came the written word, and the boy dove into literature with grim determination.
    • This play on the oral and written language mirrors the structure of the blues and the instrumental variations of jazz.
    • In Darwin's apt phrase, the ability of humans to learn language is ‘an instinctive tendency to acquire an art’.
    • It is estimated that it was about 100,000 years ago that humans developed spoken language.
    • When we are growing up and learning language, the words apply to ‘obviously different’ groups.
    • During early childhood, children with dyslexia have difficulties learning spoken language.
    • Her mum Sara and dad Billy, of Belthorn Road, Belthorn, said they were delighted Ellie could now begin to learn spoken language.
    • Learning words is not learning language, but it is a necessary step, possibly a first step.
    • The structural nature of language removes the written word from a direct relationship with its physical referent.
    • Somehow the idea was that you learn your language through speaking it, and knowing what a noun and a verb are is a distraction.
    • Generally speaking, language provides our primary method of communication.
    • Linguistic intelligence involves sensitivity to the spoken and written language and the ability to learn languages.
    • Written language generally uses more complex grammatical constructions than spoken language does.
    • His research interests include biliteracy, language policy, and language development.
    • To me, this suggests that human language, or communication has a physical effect on the physiology of the natal child.
    • The grammars of these languages contain vital clues to the nature of the human language faculty, which is still very much an unsolved problem.
    • There is surely more nonsense written about language than about any other topic.
    • Chomsky and the deep structure of language, yeah, that is what you are referring to.
    • His theory of grammar, forged at this time, holds that grammar, the capability to form structured language, is innate to the human mind.
    • Written language is a also [sic] a human invention, like spoken language, but it is not a universal invention.
  • 2

    (style, terminology)
    lenguaje masculino
    scientific/poetic/high-flown language lenguaje científico/poético/elevado
    • natural language lenguaje natural
    • I've never heard him use such language before nunca le había oído decir tales palabrotas
    • language! ¡esa boca … !
    • More specifically there are discussions of his language and poetic style as well as of the topics and ideas in his work.
    • And later, these men and women had to do a minute analysis of one another's diction, style, language, and so on.
    • His work, with its different theatrical styles and unique language, has invented an entirely new kind of theatre experience.
    • This symbolism, Wilson's poetic language and his vivid characters are the play's strengths.
    • The tone of Boyfriend! is of someone older writing for a younger audience in simple language.
    • Its language and style remain miles away from the day-to-day concerns of ordinary black South Africans.
    • The finance minister echoes this theme in more deliberate language in his speech to Northland business people.
    • The book marries witty, Jane Austen-ish language and style against an imagined tapestry of fairy magic.
    • Not a single piece of ambiguous language obscured the food on offer.
    • The language and style were militant, authoritative, and riddled with the easy obscenities typical of male talk.
    • Most appealing about the show was the romantic theme and the gorgeous poetic yet contemporary language, says MacLeod.
    • The aims of the scheme are to demystify science in the eyes of students and to get scientists to explain what they do in normal, everyday language.
    • It is written in a smooth and engaging style using accessible language without simplifying the arguments.
    • It may well be an immaculately written novel, correctly spelt, beautifully punctuated, and full of poetic language and noble ideas.
    • Despite her poetic language Fréchette does not avoid making rather obvious lessons of Helen's journey.
    • But I'm saying things which are so naked, and often in a very poetic language that is somehow so personal.
    • Behind the humour, however, one finds a novel of great merit and depth, constructed in the most poetic language, and not at all about fish.
    • Another way to say this is that Ungaretti now felt a need to substantialize further his poetic language.
    • Instead of conversing in regular, everyday language, they first have to turn what they want to say over in their heads.
    • Chief among her gifts is the ability to consider everyday language as if entirely from outside of it.
    • Although phrased in diplomatic language, this was a clear warning to China not to seek to retake Taiwan by force.
    • The cardinal's claim, filed in court by his attorneys, is boilerplate legal defense language.
    • The serpentine syntax of legal language is often used to obfuscate meaning and confuse those outside the law.
    • However, there is a severe shortage of people able to draft bills in the correct legal language.
    • New Zealand First often finds it difficult to distinguish why and how legal language and terminology can go down that path.
    • Disguised in the legal language is a set of rules to facilitate the corporate takeover of global services.
    • Despite its boiler-plate legal language, this was anything but a routine land transfer.
    • In cold legal language it all sounded, and was, less generous and expansive than it had seemed in the emotional candlelight of a summer night.
    • Legal language, however, cannot remain silent in the face of unspeakable injuries.
    • The revolutionary character of this edict was partially masked by the formal legal language in which it was couched.
    • Nothing bothers me more than to hear lawyers using legal language to intimidate and get their way.
    • Also, they will tend to be drawn up in less precise legal language.
    • The ghost of slavery is built into our legal language and holds our prison system in its grip.
    • If the member knows anything about legal language, that is not the same thing exactly as saying that we own it.
    • This power of legal language is that to which we refer when we call upon the state to effect the regulation of offensive speech.
    • Legal theorists are generally interested in legal language and the legal subject.
    • As originally outlined, these research areas were phrased totally in scientific and technological language.
    • He had tried to express in scholarly language the excitement we all felt.
    • Some things could only be expressed in the compact language of mathematics.
    • It is very challenging for us to investigate and try to find the right theatrical language to express this play as far as we can.
  • 3

    • 3.1(particular tongue)

      idioma masculino
      lengua femenino
      she's fluent in five languages habla cinco idiomas con fluidez
      • the English language la lengua inglesa
      • first language lengua materna
      • language course curso de idiomas
      • language degree licenciatura en filología / idiomas
      • language school escuela de idiomas
      • language skills aptitudes lingüísticas
      • language student estudiante de idiomas
      • language studies estudios de idiomas
      • language teacher profesor de idiomas
      • language teaching enseñanza de idiomas
      • In many communities switching between languages serves important functions.
      • Such verse was unknown in classical Greek but common in Latin and the Celtic and Germanic languages.
      • In many communities, the language of choice is neither of Canada's two official languages.
      • Tigrinya is a language whose sound system is quite exotic from an English speaker's point of view.
      • An analogous account can be given of many of the bound morphemes of English and other languages.
      • It is argued here that the study of natural sign languages can enhance our understanding of what language is.
      • This disappoints me a little, as I was quite fond of the idea that the first languages were sign languages.
      • There are a vast number of languages that are known as tone languages or tonal languages.
      • Anyone who has worked on an undocumented language or dialect will be familiar with this kind of situation.
      • The Basques are a distinct community with a unique language in what is today northern Spain and south west France.
      • I think there is a great deal of potential for new languages and modes of communication to be developed on the net.
      • One of the placements should involve communication in a language other than English, at least at a basic level.
      • In only one romance is the original language a Celtic language, and that is rather late in the schema of this material.
      • Private schools are permitted to use any language as the language of instruction.
      • It's easy to switch to a language you do know well if you get stuck and it isn't all that complicated.
      • It is argued that these results have practical importance for teaching English as a second language.
      • With an easy command of two languages and her local dialect, the world can open up for her.
      • Czech is a Slavic language with a declension system based on seven cases.
      • Investors have found this a great asset in the global economy, as the language of business communication is English.
      • Because the language of study and communication was English, the Hindus forgot about Sanskrit.

    • 3.2Informática

      lenguaje masculino
      • It stands for Structured Query Language and is a language that all relational databases understand.
      • A simple port scanner can be written in under 15 minutes by a good programmer in a language such as Java or Perl.
      • Whether this is done by studying a programming language like C or PERL, or any of the many others, is immaterial.
      • For many system administrators, myself included, Perl is the scripting language of choice.
      • Programmers must evolve to writing applications in higher programming languages.