Translation of lanyard in Spanish:


acollador, n.

Pronunciation /ˈlænjərd/ /ˈlanjəd/


  • 1

    acollador masculine
    • As the engine was lowered, the lanyard had actuated a valve that drove the hoist to its stowed position.
    • When using vertical lifelines, use a lanyard 2 or 3 feet shorter than the standard 6 feet.
    • The other three laughed and got the lanyards rigged up.
    • Little things like checking on the lanyards or the boat insurance can keep you young and happy in spirit.
    • As with the cap, the loop is fairly flexible but after some tugging and pulling with the lanyard in place, the loop never tore.
    • The number two person ran the lanyards, swayed the munitions, and installed impulse carts in all the loaded stations.
    • But this action put tension on the parachute lanyard, allowing the rotor downwash to partly inflate the chute.
    • The lanyard is held snug by the elasticity of the cord and by an adjustable slide consisting of interlocking O-rings.
  • 2

    cordón masculine
    • I looked first at the camera, saved by the lanyard round my wrist.
    • Now, perhaps, we won't even be able to keep them in our inside pockets, but should keep them strung on a lanyard around our necks where they can be seen by both the police marksmen and the potential muggers who would steal them.
    • This year in San Diego, a lot of people were wearing badges that were not clipped-on or pinned but were instead on a little lanyard around their necks.
    • Just throw the included lanyard around your neck and take a walk.
    • In addition to wearing a lanyard around the neck, it is not unusual to see lanyards attached to the wrist, waist, backpacks, and others.
    • He had a lanyard around his neck with laminated tags on it.
    • She unsnapped the lanyard from around her neck and slid her school ID in between the door and its frame.
    • I think that the most basic lanyard is a simple blank metal ball chain.
    • This promotional lanyard is an ideal marketing device to promote the business, or event.
    • They gave me a lovely nametag and lanyard and then turned me loose in the gaming room.
    • The lanyard is designed to secure small objects, such as badges, keys, cell phones, and other small items.
    • Scattered about the room were t-shirts, lanyards, business cards, and various other samples of printed materials.
    • Those lanyards are for keeping them safe - just loop them around your wrist.
    • Readers with even sharper eyes spotted the buttons of his jacket were on the left; his lanyard was on the left; his beret badge was on the right, and the trooper beside him had her name-tag on the wrong side.
    • These five ounces also includes four ‘AA’ batteries and a lanyard!
    • Several models come packaged with a handy lanyard.
    • I walked out the door swinging my lanyard and smiling.
    • Each lanyard had a picture and seemed to be an ID of some kind.
    • The gadget can be worn with a belt clip or a lanyard.
    • I was given a lanyard and told to wear my credentials at all times.