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solapa, n.

Pronunciación /ləˈpɛl/

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    solapa femenino
    (badge/microphone) (before noun) de solapa
    • For men, the geometry of jacket lapels, shoulder pads and waist tapering emphasize the strong upper body of a male.
    • The finely tailored jacket featured wide lapels and side belt with turn-ups prominent on the classic cut pants.
    • He tugged at the front lapel of his suit jacket and pulled it to his nose.
    • Jean grabs him by the lapel of his tuxedo jacket and narrows her green eyes at him.
    • Jackets also sport a higher button stance, narrower notched lapels and flap pockets.
    • Badges were dispersed throughout the range and added on the lapels of jackets and fitted tops.
    • The twist that makes this look right now is that the lapels, fronts and hems of the tweeds are encrusted with gold and silver or outlined in colourful stones.
    • For fun, top it with panels that button back like the lapels of a sport coat.
    • Like a tailor, he keeps big needles pinned behind the lapel of his coat, a plaid jacket too large for him.
    • I always see him in a comfortable chair wearing one of those smoking jackets with quilted lapels.
    • You should also look out for pockets, the lapel's style, and whether or not the overcoat has a vent in the back.
    • Touches such as real cuff buttonholes or hand-finished lapels now come into play.
    • The lapels of his suit coat disappear and blend into the body of the jacket.
    • This lapel features a triangular indention where the lapel joins the collar.
    • Making alterations to other areas, such as the shoulders, back or lapels will change the intended design of the suit.
    • They also wore button-down shirts and were sometimes with carnations in the lapels of their jackets.
    • The lapels of the coat extend beyond the skirt, and halt at my mid-shin.
    • Try on the garment and settle the collar and lapels into place so they are smooth and wrinkle-free.
    • If the back and front of the lapel move independently of each other, they are stitched.
    • I have on a pair of very tight drainpipe trousers, shirt and skinny tie, and a jacket whose thin lapels are partly hidden by a row of tiny badges featuring the names of punk bands.