Translation of last hurrah in Spanish:

last hurrah

último hurra, n.


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    último hurra masculine
    it was the last hurrah of the old order era el último hurra / el último coletazo del viejo orden
    • I would ask as his final gift a charismatic last hurrah before risking my untried head above the stormy parapet.
    • Will this be the beginning of his effort to close the sale with voters, or a last hurrah before his most loyal supporters?
    • The songwriter was to go on, but this would be the best of his last hurrahs.
    • But the show might also serve as a last hurrah for the club, which had been a staple in the Columbus music scene for more than 30 years.
    • This really is their last hurrah together, and that knowledge won't stop eating away at them, no matter what they do.
    • The next two games will reveal whether that was a last hurrah or the return volley in a long, genuinely competitive series.
    • For the last hurrah, I think he has opened the door to a lot of merchandising opportunities.
    • And Ashley's had been fun; it had been really warm, one of summer's last hurrahs before the planet sank into the colder half of autumn.
    • This is the last hurrah of the indigenous: the time we take the land from them - for come what may whether we're left or right in politics we need the land and suffocate to seize it.
    • The Sydney Olympics will be the last hurrah for the most celebrated members of the women's national team - so what, or rather, who, comes next?
    • This may have been her last hurrah; she promised a statement about her future plans in the new year, but so far this statement has not materialised.
    • My feeling is that this is the last hurrah for books.
    • By then the modernist movement was having its last hurrah.
    • It was the last hurrah of a dysfunctional system.
    • It'll all return to normal with the last hurrah of Labour Day.
    • It'll also be my last hurrah with everyone from work.
    • So soak up the sun and enjoy the last hurrah of the season.
    • You've been named VP of strategic planning: Is it a promotion or your last hurrah?
    • There's child abduction, Malay pirates and the last hurrah of British imperialism in South-east Asia.
    • Melbourne will likely be his last hurrah in the role.