Translation of lasting in Spanish:


duradero, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈlæstɪŋ/ /ˈlɑːstɪŋ/

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    (solution/peace) duradero
    (solution/peace) perdurable
    to my lasting shame para mi eterna vergüenza
    • there is little of lasting value in her work hay muy pocas cosas perdurables en su obra
    • Their number has grown considerably; yet few have been able to leave a lasting impression on listeners.
    • He was not able to establish a lasting dialogue with the United States at that point, however.
    • The shallow walls, deep reefs and colourful coral gardens that lie beyond its never-ending coastline leave a lasting impression on the most experienced of divers.
    • Meanwhile, the promo established a lasting brand impression while creating anticipation for the show.
    • The council is hoping that by spending any grants from the Elevate programme wisely it will be able to make a lasting difference to a town where property prices have slumped and run down housing blights large areas.
    • ‘I saw fewer and fewer UK rock bands able to make a lasting impact on US audiences,’ he said.
    • ‘If we are able to find a lasting solution, our city will be like heaven,’ he observes.
    • Is this the way it should be if you want to be able to have a lasting relationship with someone else?
    • A special word of thanks must go to all the youthful helpers who truly rose to the occasion and left a lasting impression in the minds and hearts of all concerned.
    • So take your time and find your own inner and outer beauty, don't force it to change just to leave a lasting impression on people.
    • He can never hope for lasting human contacts: abiding love, enduring friendship.
    • None of the ICU successor groups was able to cement a lasting organizational framework.
    • Yet 93 percent of Americans still say they hope to form a lasting and happy union with one person.
    • Time has come to awaken the sleeping giant in young people in Zambia because they have the potential to make a lasting impression and set precedents that future can benefit from.
    • The Democratic Party will not win elections or build a lasting majority solely by changing its rhetoric, nor will we win by adopting the other side's positions.
    • Twelve had undergone lasting personality change, leaving them hostile and mistrustful, socially withdrawn and plagued by feelings of emptiness and hopelessness.
    • But this aspect of the decision, which seems less important than the justiciability question, may not establish a lasting precedent.
    • These moments have important and lasting effects on individuals who are likely to see themselves and others in a more spontaneous and healthier way.
    • Each day my son and I visit tiny traumatic experiences, unavoidable really, but I wonder if they make a lasting impression, deep enough to wipe away any growing feelings of affection.
    • What a lasting impression this will leave on me.